LSU 49, Tulane 7 - Postgame Thoughts

7 points. The D is ridiculous. Now that we have a loss, and the schedule is so much in our favor next year, I hate to say it but I'm actually worried that Bo Pelini won't be around next year when we could give it a go to run the table. I know, we still have a slim shot for this year, but next year looms large. Anyway, on to my thoughts after today's game:

  • Again, you can't really say enough about this defense. Execution was stellar. It's almost getting to the point that I expect a stop on 3rd and 1.

  • We might have a running back! Charles Scott looked fantastic, carrying it 15 times for 103 yards and 2 TDs. It took awhile for the running game to get going, but once Scott got in in place of Vincent, it was off to the races. I must have missed something, but not sure why Broussard didn't play.

  • While run blocking seems to have been marginal thus far, the pass protection has been unbelievable. Russell tends to have all day to throw, and he's only been sacked a couple times all year.

  • Russell continues to look excellent. I can't be much happier with his play.

  • No turnovers for the second straight game - again, Les has brought this team to play every week. He keeps moving up in my mind. Last year was a constant tale of coming out flat, taking forever to begin to execute, and damn near losing games we should have had no problem with (Arkansas). This year, we come to play from the get go, no question.

  • But every time we quash one issue, another arises - 11 penalties for 90 yards. Ugh. At least 3 personal fouls that I can recall, and a 4th and 4 defensive offsides that I suppose is the only negative comment I could make about the defense tonight.

  • The end-around/reverse plays are back in the rotation, and both worked well; one for a Doucet TD. I'm guessing this made TigerSmack smile.

  • We have 9 guys who bench 500 pounds, and if Doug Greengard was right, one of them is our RB Charles Scott? Wow.

  • In his brief stint at the end of the fourth quarter, Ryan Perrilloux showed us he needs to know where the first down line is on 3rd and long. Oops.

In any event, bring on the Moo Cows next week, I'm just ready for us to head down to Florida. Looked like it took awhile for them to get going tonight vs Kentucky but managed to square it away in the 2nd half; should be a great one.

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