Athens: The Trip Report

Hey guys, just wanted to share a few stories from Athens.

We drove from Alabama to Atlanta Friday night. On the way, we stopped to eat dinner at an Arby's in Anniston which is near Jacksonville State, Perrilloux's new digs. We were wearing our LSU "flare" and the lady behind the counter was quite the football fan. We talked about the season some and then she asked, "So what do you guys think about Perrilloux?" I gave the token PC answer and said, "well it is what it is, we just wish he could have kept his head in the game." She replied, "yeah he's been getting into the same type of trouble here". I took that to mean, had we not kicked him off the team in the spring of 2008, he'd have gotten in trouble the night before the 2008 Auburn game, and we'd have been 2-6 in conference last year instead of 3-5.

The following morning, getting to the game from Atlanta was very easy, and we parked in the lot that the LSU Alumni Association reserved. Lsuvsuga2009013_medium

We immediately began scoping out famous Broad St. for a place to watch the game (we didn't have tickets yet) and came across The Bourbon Street Bar. The only thing about this place that actually reminded me of Bourbon Street was the smell, which was probably the one part they could have done without. We quickly found some scalpers at the gates to what I'll call The Super Grove.

Lsuvsuga2009023_medium Lsuvsuga2009030_medium

The pictures don't really do it justice, but just know that this tailgating area was about double the size of the grove with only about 10% of the red pant wearing weiners. Really really neat.

Some people in our group bought some tickets from scalpers to upgrade their seats, and I bought their leftovers so I could get into the game. They didn't find out until 10 minutes before kickoff that they had bought fakes, and they were promplty kicked out of the stadium. To get back in, they found a group of 6 people entering the gates and they piled in with them. When the ticket attendant wasn't watching, they zigged and zagged through the gate like a Russell Shepard highlight video and went and sat wherever they could find room in the stadium.

UGA has a pretty nice stadium.

Lsuvsuga2009049_medium Lsuvsuga2009052_medium Lsuvsuga2009060_medium

I'll leave the game commentary to Richard, but this was what happened.


After the game we took some people's advice from DawgSports and went to The Varsity. There were coupons on the back of our tickets (even the fakes!!) for a free chilli dog so we took advantage.


The food was as advertised. Freeking awesome.


While eating, I overheard a UGA fan say, "It's amazing but LSU and Georgia fans seem to be the only fan bases in the SEC that don't hate each other." I butted in and told him I completely agreed, as do most of us here it seems, and we started comparing notes over each teams hate level for other teams.

On our way back to the car, after we had watched the evening games at The Varsity, we ran into a drunk guy harassing some UGA girls. The girls called us over for some backup, so we started coaxing the drunk guy into performing different feats of agility to watch him fail. My buddy snagged this picture of him trying to sit indian style in mid air, while I was taking the same exact pictures of him with his own camera.


All in all it was a great trip. The UGA fans were hospitable, and the game day atmosphere in Athens was definitely in the top tier of the SEC. As a pure college town Athens may be the best in the SEC with bars and girls galore. I highly recommend it for those who have not been.

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