LSU can beat any team remaining on their schedule

First of all let me start it off by letting you know this is my first post on atvs. Just kind of decided to start posting. I'm hoping to become a sportswriter one day so I figured why not start out on a football blog?

Anyway I've always been a diehard LSU fan but unfortunately live in Alabama. Needless to say the LSU Bama game is at the top of my list every year and I am feeling pretty confident about the game on Nov. 6th and just about every game on the rest of LSU's schedule. I highly doubt an undefeated season is in order but I do very strongly believe that LSU has a good enough team to beat any team in the country (even Alabama) if they play to their potential and heres why:

First, defense wins championships. Everyone has heard it. I was preached it throughout my entire football career and so far this season no one has played better defense than the Tigers. Just look at the numbers. 6th in total defense in the nation. 6th in rushing. 5th in scoring. 10th in sacks. 10th in tfl. The worst major catagory that this defense ranks in is passing defense and that's only at 22nd! If you take the UNC game out of those stats, LSU has the second best passing defense in the country! No one in the country is playing better defense. They have 3 legitimate All-American candidates on that defense on all 3 levels in Nevis, Sheppard, and Peterson. Hell they lead the SEC in total defense by 45 yards a game. John Chavis deserves evey penny of his salary and then some. Hopefully we can just keep him around unlike Pelini. If Florida's defense can hold Bama to 273 yards, I have no doubt in my mind that the Tigers can at least match that output if not beat it.

Secondly, if Jarrett Lee can play like he did Saturday for the rest of the season, we can at least make defenses aware that we actually do have a passing game which should free up a little more space for Ridley who is playing like a man possessed so far this season. I know it's a little early to announce Lee as our savior after 1 game but he did play pretty well Saturday. Other than the grounding, delay of game, and interception, he played pretty strong and the 4th and 14 conversion was as clutch of a throw as any qb could make. As much as I hate to see it happen, it is time to bench Jefferson. I don't know about other LSU fans but I get nervous every time he drops back to throw. Lee has been mistake prone throughout his career but at least he seems to have the guts to make a few downfield throws. Jefferson just looks too scared to take a shot and always seems to try to hit his check down (key word: try). LSU has the talent on the outside to make defenses respect the passing game. What other team in the country can send out 3 starting wideouts that were all 5 star players coming out of highschool? I know I can't think of any.

Obvioulsy, there are some things to improve on. First of all, get some other backs some carries. It looks like if Ridley goes down with an injury our running game goes down as well. Theres too much talent in that backfield to not spread the carries a little. Like I said earlier, Ridley is running like a man possessed but I'm just nervous about him getting hurt. Michael Ford completely dominated the spring game. Why does he not get any carries? I don't believe for 1 minute that he can rush for 140 yards in the spring but once the season starts, become the 4th best back on this team. Keep Ridley as the starter obviously but get other backs more playing time so we're not screwed if Ridley goes down.

Also, I hate to say it, but keep Jefferson on the bench. I personally like him but Lee seems to give us the best chance to win. He provided a spark against Tennessee and without him we would have lost that game. If he can spread it to our uber talented wideouts, we can keep opposing defenses from loading the box to stop Ridley. Randle has looked like the next Michael Clayton, Dwayne Bowe kind of receiver this season. Lets get him some more touches.

Defensively, I can't find much to improve on obviously. This looks to be one of the best defenses LSU has put on the field in the last decade. We seem to be a descent qb away from greatness. Hopefully coach Miles doesn't let the best defense he's ever had go to waste this season because of such a pathetic offense.

Hopefully we can pull it all together and have as good of a season as I truly believe we can.

Geaux Tigers!

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