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It's Miss St. week. Head on over to For Whom The Cowbell Tolls and be glad the SEC will likely ban noisemakers again before we go to Starkvegas next year. I suggest those looking for an accurate recreation of the atmosphere at their game last Thursday to read their recap here (Sound warning)

Here's the reaction from the 'Dores over at Anchor of Gold. They are merely thankful Lord Mingo did not harvest a soul in regulation. We'll see more from them in the spring sports as they do an excellent job covering their basketball and baseball squads.

We moved up to 12th in the Grad. Asst. Poll, mostly because 1-AA teams continue to rise up and slay sleeping 1-A teams. I am worried about McNeese St. now.

In the papers this weekend, The Advoc praises the outstanding defensive performance and looks at Ridley's improvement against the tiring Vandy Defense. The Daily Rev highlights the work of FR Alfred Blue and the return of Ryan Baker. At the Times-Pic, DeShazier points out our only 3 consistencies (and 2 of them aint good) while Klienpeter gets a quote about the QB situation that doesn't really answer our questions

One, Jarrett Lee is practicing better. He deserves to compete in this process. We're going to continue to evaluate our quarterback position, and frankly we're going to expect more out of the position -- period. I think both those guys can give it to us. Jefferson certainly can. We're going to encourage Lee, because he's a guy who is going to have to win games for us some time.

--Les Miles

  More from the Times-Pic sports writers from the bowels of Vandy Stadium after the break.

Meanwhile, It's "back to the drawing board" for Robbie Caldwell.

Having early season matches against ACC and Big East teams will be a boon to us down the road. Well it should have been anyway (scroll to the last section)

Full replay of Saturday's game is not yet available, not sure if it's an SEC rights thing or what, but I'll keep an eye out for it.

Coach's Lunch today, with depth charts and other assorted releases to follow in the 2pm hour 'round these parts. Just a guess, but probably still too early for Deangelo to be back.

How about some UREC sports news? Kaitlyn Stewart and Samantha Baker helped Team USA win bronze in the Junior World Powerlifting Championships in Czech Republic last week.

Weekend Results

Soccer: 0-0 2OT @#12 BYU (Thurs); 1-0 W v USL

#21 Volleyball: Swept UNC, Rice, and NM St.

LSU video: Vanderbilt postgame, 09-11-10

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