Comments Requested: Proposed BCS Solution


1) Replace USA Today Coaches Poll with AP Poll.  This may take some coaxing of the AP, as it is my

understanding that it was the AP which opted out of the BCS system, at which point the USA Today Coaches Poll

was born.  The coaches poll is a joke for the simple reason that there is no way busy coaches - or their assistants -

could possibly really be watching these games.  Say what you want about the journalists; even in this day of media

consolidation and relying on the wire services, they are still paid to report on the games with some level of accuracy,

which requires some knowledge of what the  teams are actually doing/did.


2) Have the computers and the pollsters RANK THE CONFERENCES (ALL CONFERENCES) RATHER THAN THE 



3) At the end of the year - AFTER THE CONFERENCE CHAMPION IS DECIDED (by whatever method the particular 

conference uses) - the CHAMPION of the 2 highest ranked conferences play in the NCG.  HOW the conference

champion is decided is up to each conference.  Don't like that, in your conference, you have to play a championship

game to become the "champion?"  Complain to your conference!  Don't like that the pollsters and computers rank

conferences that have to play championship games higher than those that don't?  Complain to your conference.


4) The champions of the 8 top ranked conferences get automatic bowl berths; TOP 2 go to the NCG; other 6 go to

other BCS bowl games.  


This eliminates the winner of a weak conference (e.g., currently the Big East) getting an automatic bid to a big time

bowl.  It  also ensures that 2 teams from the same conference won't be playing in the NCG - or any other BCS game

for that matter.  It is no more penalizing to the "lesser conferences" than the current system is.  It ensures that the

CHAMPION of the 2 highest  ranked conferences play each other in the NCG.  It also ensures that conference

champions play in EVERY BCS bowl game.  


I suggest that this will also promote conferences to do everything they can to make the conference stronger,

because it is the overall strength of the conference that determines the value of your championship in that



Will this promote or discourage more re-alignment?  Don't know.  On the one hand, teams could try to get into

stronger conferences on the hope  that one day they will win the championship.  On the other hand, teams may

decide that, by moving to a stronger conference,  their chances of every winning a championship are slim-to-none,

and that it is therefore better to stay put and push to  strengthen the conference.

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