Link Gumbo 4/29/11 - Epic Comeback and Zod Gets Paid



It had all the makings of another disappointing loss. However, down 4 in the bottom of the 8th, LSU sparked a rally the likes of which we have not seen in years on an imploding Kentucky, scoring 8 runs off of 6 hits for the biggest single inning of the year and a 9-5 victory. I tell ya folks, there's magic in them gold jerseys. LSU keeps the rally caps on all weekend as Hoover is still a long way out of reach. The series continues Tonight at 7pm on Cox Sports and Saturday at 1pm.

That epic comeback is the only thing that could top the celebration of Patrick Peterson going to Arizona with the 5th pick. The non-dirty birds are happy about getting the #1 corner in the NFL. The rest of you locals should also check out Canal Street Chronicles, as the Saints made a late move to draft another Heisman-winning RB from a team we hate.

Overall It was another great night for the SEC as 10 of the 32 picks came from the conference, 8 of them from the SEC West. Even Miss. St. had a first round pick. Those of you watching the draft tomorrow are in for a nice treat as LSU great Jimmy Taylor will announce the Packer's 2nd round pick.

A'Trey-U Jones holds a commanding lead in the first round of the NOTY bracket. No reason you shouldn't make it more lopsided though. We will continue to update you as he advances through the bracket.

It's been a big week for former LSU pitchers. The Clarion Ledger caught up with Louis Coleman's family to get the details of an incredible week spent cris-crossing the country at the last minute. Meanwhile, The Boston Globe is keeping a close eye on Anthony Ranaudo's progress in the minors., the coach's website, has been updated with some excellent profile videos of all of LSU's draftees.

USL's new coach Mark Hudspeth thinks he just signed the #1 RB in the nation. That's some next level spin at work folks.

LSU spends a lot on recruiting, but not a much as most of the rest of the SEC. This and other fascinating figures come from TeamSpeedKills' breakdown of recruiting expenses in the SEC.

Their was a piece in the New York TImes earlier this week about how some schools are getting creative when counting athletes to reach Title IX compliance. Some of the more "creative" examples include the 14 men on the current National Champion Texas A&M Women's basketball team (Insert your own Aggie joke here) and the massive 71-member women's cross-country team at USF. Meanwhile, some think that all this talk of roster management is ignoring the real problem of lack of interest in participation in women's sports

After the break, a great update on Chad Jones progress towards getting back to the field.


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