Monday Press Lunch : Week 3 v. Idaho

Special note: The team is wearing purple this week

Starts at 22:30...Miles like the improvements in game 2, but still isn't pleased with the turnover...the drops could have added 60 yards and a TD to the score and is something being addressed...Dworaczyk fit in well... attributes the sack increase (4 this week over 0 last week) to a D Line that was able to shutdown UW's rushing game and more aggressively pass rush...Miles saw a more comfortable Mettenberger this week...Goal is to keep the offense balanced going forward...the ULM upset is great and timely example of what happens when you have a lack of intensity (and Michigan Man Miles seems to still hurt from the Mich.-Appy St. upset)...Miles isn't really planning to use more new players this week than he has so far, mainly because so many players have gotten to play already...Dworaczyk can play the rest of the season if need be, no worries about his health...Mingo was in a boot, but nothing serious...Someone tries to force "touchdown vulture" as a nickname for JC Copeland. Cmon, man. A bird nickname for a Fullback?...Copeland will get more receptions as the season goes on...Jalen Mills gets a glowing review from Miles, focusing on how well he keeps improving in practice...Miles reiterates the lack of importance of naming starters, especially on defense where the schemes dictate so much substitution...Still no update on Tahj Jones...Miles was impressed with Ware's return to the field...

Honestly, not a lot of interesting stuff in this week's presser.

EDIT: Late breaking news from the Times-Pic, sources tell Kleinpeter that Tahj Jones, along with Tyler Edwards, DJ Welter, and Evan Washington are academically out for the year. - Mills, Montgomery Among SEC Players of the Week - Football Jumps USC in Coaches Poll - Football at Auburn to Kickoff at 6 p.m. on ESPN - TigerVision 2012 Ordering Information/FAQ

Vandal Nation - Monday Akey-isms: Week 3 – ‘We’ve got nothing to lose’

LSU Game Notes [PDF]

Idaho Game Notes [PDF]

SEC Week 3 Release [PDF]

After the break: A new LSUFreek gif classic, Idaho HC Robb Akey's press conference, player interviews, and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas (no really)


Idaho HC Robb Akey


Justice Clarence Thomas Interview

La'el Collins - Monday Interview

James Wright - Monday Interview

J.C. Copeland - Monday Interview

Eric Reid - Monday Interview

Catch Up with Coach - (From last Thursday's practice, but just released now)

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