Monday Press Lunch: Week 5 v. Towson

John Reed-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Starts at the 21:00 mark…Miles puts the blame of the first fumble on backup Elliot Porter due to a cadence issue…Miles calls the performance sloppy and looks forward to "working on it" in practice (sounds like some guys will be doing some extra running)…he also takes the blame for Alleman's miss at the end of the game…Miles says he will talk to the league office about some of the calls, but he doesn't believe anything thrown was completely uncalled for…Sam Montgomery controlled the team at the half and gave a speech to the team that is slowly becoming legendary…There wasn't any change in the play calling made due to the early fumbles…The sacks were due to a miscommunication issue involving the blocking backs and is something that will be fixed in practice…Putting an importance on limiting personal penalties that hurt the team and ball security are things that are done every week (also note here, there have been no turnovers by the RBs so far this season)…Luke Muncie and the LBs as a whole are playing and improving like the veteran unit that they are…La'el Collins could play at a tackle position, but Miles is more comfortable leaving him where he is…Zach Mettenberger has some sack issues to work on, but there is nothing that he is doing that is limiting the play calling…Lavar Edward's roughing the passer penalty was legitimate but was nearly unavoidable due to the way the play unfolded…Miles discusses ways to put more emphasis on limiting penalties and turnovers by recalling a question from the state driver's test…Red Zone turnovers, especially what happened last weekend, are not going to effect the play calling in that area. Those plays have to be made…Miles' unexpected anger shown on the sideline isn't something he does often, but sometimes those kind of talks with a player can't wait until they are back in the locker room…The pass to Spencer Ware toward the end wasn't anything to special, though Ware did make a great play on the DB covering him once he received the ball…The plan at the end of the game was just to sit on the ball and run the clock out, but the penalty and the inability to get the first down forced their hand to try and kick the FG. That chain of events is why the kicking team got run out late and why Alleman was forced to rush his kick and missed it. - Montgomery Earns SEC Player of the Week Honor - LSU at Florida to Kickoff at 2:30 p.m. on CBS - After SEC Road Win, Football Ranked No. 3



Towson (when available)

SEC (when available)

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