BlogPoll Draft Week One

Let's be clear on one thing right now: there is no such thing as a resume voter right now. I'm sure a few people will pretend to be resume voters in some sort of attempt to do the BlogPoll equivalent of standing up on a chair and yelling, "LOOK AT ME!!" but at this point, if you are honestly voting on a resume, you're either being dishonest or you're an idiot.

The biggest problem with resume voting after week one is really all you're doing is a Power Poll of team's week one opponents. If we're doing a true "resume only" poll, really, you have no idea how good the opponents team are other than the old power poll. Unless you are voting straight margin of victory, regardless of opponent.

Hey, I'm a resume voter. By the end of the year, I vote almost entirely on the simple question of "what have you accomplished?" But a week one resume poll is, frankly, insane. So we start with primarily a power poll, that will get increasingly influenced by resume until the end of the month or so, when I hope to have transitioned to a true resume poll. Poll after the jump:

Defending those rankings:

1 Alabama Yeah, that was pretty convincing. Clearly the #1 team in the nation.

2 Oregon I'm not enteirely sure, but I think the Ducks just scored another TD.

3 LSU It wasn't crisp by any means, but it was a convincing blowout win over an outmatched foe.

4 West Virginia The Geno Smith Heisman campaign is officially underway. The defense is a concern, but the offense is clicking on all cylinders.

5 USC Still not convinced in them longterm, but that was a convincing first step.

Big, massive, almost incalculable gap

6 Florida St I think the top five distanced themselves a bit from the field, but the Seminoles are likely the best contender among the "normal" teams

7 Oklahoma St At the end of the year, no one is gonna care how badly anyone beat a terrible FCS team by.

8 South Carolina They struggled a bit, but this isn't a beauty pageant. Well, it sort of is, but while other teams were scheduling against MAC teams, USCe had the decency to struggle against a conference rival playing their home opener.

9 Wisconsin I'm giving them a bit of a pass for their clunker, but they are out of mulligans. What was that?

10 Oklahoma SEE Wisconsin.

11 Michigan St. So... I think I may have underrated them. Bell is one hell of a back.

12 Clemson Had a better win than anyone else this weekend save MSU and Bama

13 Georgia I honestly have nothing to say about teams 13-18. Just move on.

14 Utah

15 Arkansas

16 Nebraska

17 Kansas St.

18 Virginia Tech

19 Tennessee The passing game looks good, the defense looks bad... so about what I expected but I feel like cranking up the underrated bandwagon for them

20 Ohio Do you realize they won ten games last year?

21 Ohio St Second best weekend for a team from Ohio

22 Texas A&M Here is where I express my undying love for Kevin Sumlin. Going from Sherman to Sumlin is worth at least three wins, right?

23 Notre Dame Navy is not good.

24 Boise St. I'm not totally jumping off their ship. They can play, as usual

25 Baylor WTH not?

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