BlogPoll Week 6 Ballot

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Random guesses and resumes.

Not a whole lot of action in this weekend's game, so it's a good time to do some re-evluation of my ballot. We've played a month's worth of football, or a good one-third of the season, so at this point, I expect teams to have something on the resume. There's still an element of the old power poll eyeball test, but I'm trying to get closer to answer the questions: what have you accomplished? Who have you beaten?

Explanations below.

1 Kansas St. And with that re-evaluation, comes a new #1. KSU has the best win of just about anyone (OU on the road), and they crushed Miami. They are the best team in what could arguably be the best conference.

2 Florida St. Ask yourself this question: do you think they are going to lose to any team on their schedule for the rest of the year? I don't think they will.

3 Alabama. Looked decent against Ole Miss, and they will return to the top of my ballot as soon as they beat a team in a major conference with a winning record.

4 Oregon. Also feasting on patsies. Play somebody.

5 West Virginia. Won an entertaining slugfest in which they didn't play one lick of defense and still won. Can't imagine them riding this formula to a national title, but it sure is fun to watch.

6 Florida. The A&M win looks a lot better and they looked more impressive in beating Tennessee than Georgia did. It will shake out eventually.

7 Georgia. At times, looks like the best team in the country. Then spends an entire quarter trying to give the game away.

8 Notre Dame. Sure, the Big Ten sucks, but they are dominating their rivals in there.

9 South Carolina. Got through their traditional letdown game in Lexington without any real difficulties. Looks like a longshot title contender with big time talent at the glamour positions.

10 Ohio St. The best team in the Big Ten, which is damning them with faint praise.

11 Texas. Probably should have lost this weekend, but got their first big win of the season.

12 LSU. Enough with the excuses. This team is not playing very well and doesn't really have anything on their resume other than a big win over a middle of the pack Pac-12 team.

13 Oregon St. Two big wins now in conference to go with their win over Wisconsin. I'm probably under-ranking them right now.

14 Northwestern. The frontrunner for the Big Ten title, which says more about the Big Ten than the Wildcats.

15 Oklahoma. They are LSU with a loss.

16 Louisville. Struggled a bit this week but got the win, and the Big East is looking sort of strong right now.

17 Clemson. Nice bounceback win against arguably the #3 team in the conference.

18 Baylor. Sure, they lost, but they showed something in defeat. They aren't a patsy and should be a real threat in the conference.

19-22 UCLA, Arizona St, Stanford, USC. Yeah, I got nothing. It's a big logjam of Pac-12 teams with not much to separate them right now.

23 Cincinnati. Huge win and the Big East gets a new second place team on my ballot. Sorry, Rutgers.

24 TCU. Still haven't played anyone with a pulse.

25 Ohio. Working on that undefeated season...

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