The Case of Danny Kanell & SECphobia

"SEC Fatigue" has become a common word in the media over the past few years. The success of the SEC has been well documented. 7 straight national championships, with an 8th on the line this January when Auburn faces FSU. I suppose it may cross the line when fans from Kentucky, Vanderbilt, or Mississippi State are chanting "SEC SEC SEC" but how often do you really hear these fans say anything? Sure, it doesn't help when Auburn's AD comes out and says it would be "Un-American if a 1 loss Auburn team wasn't in the National Championship." This has only added to the firestorm of people who hate the SEC. At the forefront of this is ESPN analyst, Danny Kanell.

You probably know Kanell as the less than stellar former New York Giants quarterback. Or maybe you know him as the former Florida State quarterback who engineered the come-back at the famous "Choke at Doak" game. Either way, he certainly is not considered among the lead analysts at ESPN. Unlike Kirk Herbstreit, Kanell always shows personal bias. Especially this year, now that Florida State is actually relevant for the first time in a decade. He almost always says something out of stupidity to enrage the SEC fan base. Just check out his twitter page. Here are some of his tweets just from last night.

Yes, just LAST NIGHT:

"Ouch. That's gotta hurt to hear your SEC homer broadcaster give the nod to the two undefeated...#GD"

"Sweet defense on display in this game. #SEC"

"All that whining all week was all for not. It always has a way of working itself out. #SEC"

"Alright it's time for the conference championships with a trip to Pasadena on the line. #ACCChampionship #big10championship"

— Danny Kanell (@dannykanell)

These are just some of his many idiotic points made to incite rage from the SEC fan base. It's pretty sad that an analyst has to turn to these tactics, just to become relevant. Either way, his constant banter has turned me away from actually enjoying Florida State this year. Oh, and here is a few more reminders on why the SEC has been, and still is the best conference in the country.





SEC records against other conferences

TEAM                          G     W     L     T    WIN%    PFPG    PAPG
ACC                         433   285   138    10    67.0    23.2    16.4
American Athletic             4     2     2     0    50.0    26.8    23.3
Big 10                      133    78    53     2    59.4    23.9    21.4
Big 12                      147    77    64     6    54.4    21.9    21.1
Big East                     54    25    29     0    46.3    26.4    26.6
Conference USA              135   112    23     0    83.0    30.5    16.3
Independents                932   624   287    21    68.1    24.1    15.5
MAC                          91    78    13     0    85.7    34.1    13.4
Mountain West                18    11     7     0    61.1    30.9    22.5
PAC 12                      113    68    40     5    62.4    23.8    19.3
Southwest                   355   197   141    17    57.9    17.1    13.5
Sun Belt                    115   108     7     0    93.9    41.2    13.7
WAC                          82    71    11     0    86.6    35.8    15.5

Last updated: December 1, 2013
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