Spring Football Five Questions: ULM's The Hawkeye


Drew McCarty, sports editor of the UL-Monroe student paper The Hawkeye, filled us in on LSU's week two opponent, the UL-M Warhawks.

1. Two years ago, ULM put together quite the exciting season, even scoring a win over an SEC opponent behind a free-wheeling spread offense that was very fun to watch. The principals of that attack are gone, but are the Warhawks still running that style of attack?

Yes. Though this year the team will rely more heavily on the running game behind senior running backs Centarius Donald and Tyler Cain. After losing quarterback Kolton Browning, the position is still up in the air. Brayle Brown is still listed as the top QB on the depth chart but Earnest Carrington is giving him a run for his money. The offensive line is expected to be a strong point returning primarily veteran players. Colby Mitchell will be moving to the starting center position following the loss of former All-Sun Belt Conference center Josh Allen. With the high paced spread offense ULM runs, the receivers expected to start this season have all had significant game time experience.

2. How many starters are the Warhawks returning, and what are the expectations for the 2014 squad?

The Warhawks return 13 starters, including eight on defense.

The expectations are as always under head coach Todd Berry. The team wants to take the season week by week. The team sees every game as the most important on the schedule. A Sun Belt Conference title and bowl berth is the ultimate goal.

3. What has the vibe been like in and around spring practice?

Todd Berry has said multiple times during the spring that this is the most exciting spring he's had at ULM. The team is excited to be working hard and progressing.

4. Is there any excitement on campus for the trip down to Baton Rouge?

Living in Louisiana, everyone on campus knows about LSU and the history of Tiger Stadium. With the improvement of the program over recent years and after the upset at Arkansas, students want to go to away games to say that they were there when the Warhawks pull an upset. Personally as a transfer from LSU, I can't wait to get back to Tiger Stadium and pull for the Warhawks. I made the trip in 2010, but we all know how that one turned out.

5. Any plans to try and settle this "UL" foolishness with ULL in the Sun Belt this Fall?

The "UL" debate isn't going away anytime soon in Monroe. Everyone on campus at ULM has their opinions about it and they're all in favor that UL-L is in the wrong. The team wants nothing more but to beat them two years in a row. ULM students joke that they're going to get the "L" they keep leaving out of their name. With the Cajuns coming to Monroe this season, the atmosphere on campus and in Malone Stadium should be electric.

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