Link Gumbo - 7/14/14


The latest news in the LSU sports world, and the sports world at large

SEC Media Days 2014: Which Players Are Joining Their Coaches in Hoover? - Team Speed Kills - Full list of who's going to Hoover for Media Days. LSU won't hit the podium until Wednesday. The entire event will be live on ESPNU/ESPN3 starting this morning with the Commissioner's Address at 11:30 am

LEGENDS: Former LSU football player Thad Minaldi found great success off the field - Football - Another Tiger Rag Legends piece, this about the successes of former football player Thad Minaldi as a lawyer and past board chairman of the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana.

SB Nation Reviews: 'Bill Walsh College Football' - - With no NCAA Football game coming out this year, Jason Kirk goes back in time and reviews the video game "Bill Walsh College Football".

LEGENDS: Susan Jackson has traveled the globe since starring at LSU - LSU Baseball - You want to know where former LSU Gymnast has Susan Jackson has been? You better have a lot of time on your hands.

Best in College Sports - - CBS ranks it's best programs in college sports, awarding points for national title's and overall performance. Based on it's formula, LSU came in T9. Stanford was ranked #1.

Gettin' Chippy LSU Preview - Rick and Bandit over at welcomed Poseur and Billy to preview LSU for the 2014 season.

LEGENDS: Mike Anderson's restaurant still going strong decades later - Football - Piece on former AA LSU LB Mike Anderson and is successful seafood restaurant.

LEGENDS: Crowe Peele packed the Palace and the punches in the 1950s - LSU Baseball - This Legends piece discusses 1955 NCAA Heavyweight Boxing champion Crowe Peele

Odd couple jelling in LSU backcourt - Scout - Keith Hornsby and Josh Gray didn't play a minute for LSU last year, and are from completely different backgrounds. They're going to need to play a key role for the basketball team in 2014-15.

UK shoulders heavy load for promise of SEC Network riches | TV and DVDs | - Kentucky has spent a lot of money on the SEC Network and well, it isn't quite ready yet.

New LSU big man Elbert Robinson looks to reshape his body and elevate his potential | - Elbert Robinson is ready to take on a big role for LSU this year.

Tiger Stadium Capacity Expanded to 102,321 - - The Official Web Site of LSU Tigers Athletics - Tiger Stadium just got bigger. Let's hope we can fill it up quite a bit this year.

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