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Scheduling and Permanent Rivals

I'm embarrassed for LSU's leadership right now. Arguing against the Florida game is just cowardly, and part of the problem in college football right now: everyone is in a race to the bottom in...

Link Gumbo 5/30/12

As you are well aware by now, LSU is back where it belongs in college baseball, hosting Belmont, ULM, and Oregon St as a national seed this weekend. LSU has opted to let Belmont and Oregon St...

LSU, Alabama and the Rose Bowl that Wasn't

"Our boys play football. What do the Pacific Coast Lord Fauntleroys play? Touch football?" You know the old saying -- the more things change, the more they stay the same. Kleph from RBR has a great piece on how Bernie Moore's 1936 SEC Champions LSU and an excellent Frank Thomas-coached Alabama team were both left out of the Rose Bowl and a potential national championship.

OT Ethan Pocic Commits!

Pocic visited this weekend and he's a big, big time offensive tackle prospect from Lemont, Illinois. 6'7", 285, so he's the size of the OL we typically pursue. He's currently ranked 36th on Rivals, 57th on Scout, 87th on 247 to give you an idea of where he ranks nationally. Blue-chip OT. Here's some tape. Great job by Les and Stud on this one.

JUCO TE Logan Stokes Commits!

Stokes committed this weekend. I'll be honest and say, I don't know a whole helluva a lot about this kid. Good size (6'5, 240). He's a JUCO. TE will be a big position of need going into next year especially, as we have no distinguished replacement once Clement graduates. Here's a pic after his commitment. Here's some free tape. He's got some blocking ability. More importantly, he can catch a bit. I would imagine he'll likely be in line to start next season.

Two Columns for the Price of One

Another big weekend for the stick and ball sports for LSU. Softball deserves its own column, really, but I'll focus on them after the break. First, let's complain about the NCAA Selection...

While LSU Athletic Director Joe Alleva said Saturday that he believes the SEC will stick with...

While LSU Athletic Director Joe Alleva said Saturday that he believes the SEC will stick with permanent opponents from opposite divisions — something LSU has staunchly opposed — Martin said he will make one more attempt to sway his fellow SEC presidents and chancellors this week at the annual Spring Meeting in Destin, Fla. "I will try to make the case" for abandoning permanent opponents, Martin said Saturday. "I will make the case for LSU. I think we at least have a shot." Martin said he has an ally for eliminating permanent opponents in South Carolina President Harris Pastides. But it is a small band of resistance. Alleva said 11 of the 14 SEC schools are in favor of retaining permanent opponents — including Florida, the Tigers’ permanent SEC East opponent. LSU has maintained in the past that Florida also wanted to eliminate their annual game. "I don’t think it’s fair," Alleva said. "I think people have voted in the best interests of their schools and not the league."

LSU to make case against permanent football foe - The Advocate Never mind that Martin is jumping ship from LSU at a critical time to go take the same job at Colorado State. He is going to attempt to make permanent damage to the annual strength of the football schedule on the way out. I have never heard any sane argument for getting rid of the annual Florida game, other than "it makes things too hard" or "unfair" and that's a damn shame of an excuse to get rid of a football game. Don't even get me started on Alleva...

Tigers Fall To Miss. St. 4-3 in 10 Innings, Head Home Early To Prepare For Regional

The games was like a lot of LSU losses this year. Get up early on a team and then try to coast to the finish on too few runs. Something after jumping on first time starter Lindgren...

SEC TOURNAMENT GAMETHREAD: v Miss. St.; 3pm, Cox Sports

Yesterday's 11-2 clobbering of Ole Miss was exactly the kind of turn around you hope to see from a team facing elimination. We knew going in that Ole Miss' pitching was going to be a weakness...

Cookin' ATVS Style: Fresh Salsa (Plus a Bonus Recipe)

Here's a quick how-to on a delicious salsa recipe, plus a bonus use for it.

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