Craig Loston "looks faster."

Craig Loston, SS (6-0 1/2, 213) — Loston had a 32-inch vertical jump and then stood on the rest of his numbers from the combine. He had a very good day working out. The most notable thing about Loston between the Senior Bowl and LSU’s pro day was that he cut his hair. He looked sharp and quicker with his hair cut.Loston likely improved his draft position, and probably has a chance to get picked sometime between the bottom half of the second round to the early portion of the third round.

zapps beer fest

I went last year.....a lot of fun.

LSU running back Jeremy Hill will forgo Junior season at LSU and enter 2014 NFL Draft

NYT: L.S.U.’s Mad Hatter Delights Fans or Drives Them Daffy

Nice article on Miles in the NYT today. An excerpt: When Miles was asked about his favorite places to eat, he insisted that he seldom dined out or deviated from his daily regimen of Cobb salads and fish. But he was more creative when asked what he would want for a last meal. "I’m going to have a New York strip; I’m going to have it medium," he said. "I’m going to have it with all the Cajun spice and salt and heavy, heavy pepper. And it’s going to be about an inch and a half to two inches thick. It’s not going to be real, real, real red. It’s going to be pink. I’m going to have corn." Corn on the cob? "No, cream corn. I’m also going to have a little mashed potatoes, but not much. A salad, a light salad. Diet Coke. And then I’m going to have some ice cream — Blue Bell ice cream, Cookies ’n Cream — if it’s my last meal. If it’s not my last one and I’ve got a couple of years to live, I’m going to go with a little frozen yogurt." :)


CNN's Headline News channel is sending a bus around the country to take in the Tailgating at various college games this year and to sample the local creations. Their first stop is Baton Rouge this Friday morning starting at 5am at the Walk On's location near campus. Geaux Show host and friend of the site Carey will be cooking his famous pastalaya live on TV for them and we're asking anyone who's got some time on their hands to come on out and grab yourself a bowl.

Good Luck Chad Jones...

Jones failed strenuous NFL physicals after tryouts with the Philadelphia Eagles and the Saints, arriving at an important crossroads early in his athletic life. "Giving up that football dream was hard, man," Jones said recently. "It was definitely one of the toughest things I've ever had to do because I had been working so hard to try and get back for 2½ years. chad_jones reds2.jpg Cincinnati Reds rookie pitcher Chad Jones: ''This is my second chance, and lot of people don'™t even get a first chance like the one I had. This is a blessing, and I'm not going to mess it up.' Courtesy of Aaron Lavinsky | Arizona Republic "In the back of my head, though, I always knew baseball was there for me because I still had the arm. The decision became pretty clear to me when scouts started calling me."


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