Defending Lolo Jones

Sure, NBC wants a familiar face, but maybe... just maybe... Lolo was selected to the Olympic team for her performance

Link Gumbo 8/22/13

Les Miles' scrimmage reports are usually completely useless, and usually you can tell they contain numbers pulled from thin air. But now it appears LSU isn't even trying to fool anyone. LSU had...

Five Things: 2/27/13

1. Pete Fiutak of College Football News seems to think this year's NFL Draft is a bit short on talent. I couldn't disagree more -- maybe there's a lack of star power on offense, but I love...

Link Gumbo - 2/11/13

The world waits with baited breath the officially announcement of Cam Cameron as the new LSU OC and the subsequent rumored reshuffling of the football staff. As of this writing, nothing official...

Cookin' ATVS Style: Smothered Greens

Nothing quite like a good soul food side dish.

Five Things, 1/15

1. Concussions get a lot of attention when it comes to the NFL and safety, and with good reason. But the perils of the football life go far behind that. Take a look at this piece by the...

Grilled Pork Tenderloin w/Blackberry BBQ Sauce

ATVS dives into the barbecue pool -- pork tenderloin with blackberry barbecue sauce!


Eye On a Tiger: Mike the Tiger's Caretaker

A very cool video that one of my coworkers recently did to highlight one of the LSU Vet students that helps take care of Mike VI.

Five Things, Christmas Eve

A couple quick notes straight outta my mother-in-law’s house.

Five Things, 12/19

The offseason can be a quiet time for a football-focused guy like myself, but why let that stop me?


Cookin' ATVS Style: Shrimp Creole

Back again, making another South Louisiana staple: shrimp creole!

Link Gumbo 9/21/12

Les Miles stated after practice Wednesday that the team his healthy and ready to go, all except Alfred Blue who's future status is still unknown. There wasn't much else to the brief press...

Link Gumbo 9/10/12 - Live in stunning TIGERVISION

That's right, sportsfans. It's time for the annual TigerVison game. Be sure to get everything settled with your provider if you live in LA. I'll share the blackout maps as soon as they become...

The Future Of And The Valley Shook! and SB Nation

Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm very happy to share with you this morning that very soon And The Valley Shook!, along with all of SB Nation, will be receiving a MAJOR overhaul to it's look and feel...

Link Gumbo 9/7/12

The big news last night was that starting LT Chris Faulk's injury at practice Wednesday is now thought to be so severe that he may miss the rest of the season with surgery and rehab. While you...

Link Gumbo 9/4/12

Les Miles Weekly Luncheon is later today Now that the academic calendar is back on schedule, Tyrann Mathieu will be re-enrolling at LSU today as he continues his rehab program. LSU picked up a...

Link Gumbo 8/28/12

4 DAYS... I'd rather be talking about football, but Isaac is dominating the sports headlines. The game is still on for Saturday, but everything else is a bit uncertain as portions of campus have...

Link Gumbo 8/24/12

#tbt #LSU days in Death Valley after Auburn Win via — Robert Royal (@robertroyal84) August 23, 2012 TE Robert Royal (98-01) shortly after the victory over...

Link Gumbo 8/22/12

LSU held their final scrimmage of the preseason yesterday, and if the provided stats are to be believed, LSU now has a video game passing offense. Mettenberger went 26 of 36 for 336 yards and the...

Link Gumbo 8/15/12

There is no news on the Mathieu front, and even a supposed decision that he was supposed to announce today has apparently been delayed. We'll update if there is any change. Jordan Jefferson has...

Link Gumbo 8/6/12

Olympic Update: Lolo Jones wins her opening heat in the 100m hurdles with a 12.68, the 2nd best time of the round. Semi finals are tomorrow. As we've said before, the only news that comes out of...

Link Gumbo 7/30/12

LSU is going with a unified marketing campaign for all teams this year. The biggest news of the week broke last night as the Times-Pic reported that Penn St. QB Rob Bolden visited LSU over the...

Link Gumbo 7/23/12 - Happy Birthday Mike VI

Video via TeamSpeedKills You'll have to forgive our lack of coverage around Media Day, but there was really nothing to talk about concerning Les Miles or the players that went. Aside from a few...

Link Gumbo 7/16/12 - Let's Play The Manning Passing Academy Quiz

News and Notes of LSU Athletics for 7/16/12

Link Gumbo 7/12/12

News and Notes from around LSU and the college sports world

Link Gumbo 7/2/12

It's a new day in the SEC as our new friends to the west have officially joined the conference as of yesterday. The folks from Mizzou are glad to be home after wandering for years in the BXII...

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