Link Gumbo 5/9/12 - Coach Miles' Status as an UDFA Disappoints His Son


Miles was in Birmingham to speak to a church group and his comments at the tail end of that speech above have generated some buzz as he came out in favor of Steve Spurrier's "division record"...

Link Gumbo 5/4/12 - Every Man A King


Gov. Huey P Long leading his favorite campaign tool, the LSU Marching Band. Because it's been that kind of a week in Louisiana Like a lot of sports websites, we like to keep politics as a...

Link Gumbo 4/30/12


Austin Nola still needs your vote for the Lowes SR CLASS award. VOTE EVERYDAY! It was another great year in the Draft for LSU, where all 3 of our early declaring JRs were drafted high in the...

Link Gumbo 4/23/12


Last week LSU confirmed that it plans to get approval for the south endzone expansion, with construction starting as early as this fall and finishing in the summer of 2014. As we said last...

Link Gumbo 4/9/12


My apologies that it's been awhile since I've posted a Gumbo. Just keeping up with the baseball season is taking up most of my spare time, which has been considerably taxed these last few weeks....

Link Gumbo 2/22/12


Les Miles says the team is improving in practice, which is about the most generic thing he could possibly say. A big note from the above press conference is that Spencer Ware has dropped about 10...

Link Gumbo 3/12/2012


Credit as always to BBI, who continues to put out the best free videos of Spring practice. Baseball's 4-game weekend continues tonight with GM2 against Notre Dame. Expect a full review of the...

Link Gumbo 2/7/12


LSU in 1929, via LSU's instagram page It's amazing to think how little there was on campus back then, and also how nearly all of the buildings in this photo are still standing. Another day of...

Link Gumbo 3/2/12 - In Which Jordan Jefferson IS NOT The Worst Rated Player At The Combine


Most of the internet has had a good chuckle the last few days over a piece by the man from Gannett in which he said Jordan Jefferson had a horrible combine and was the worst rated player there,...

Link Gumbo 2/24/12


It's that time of year. On Sunday, LSU will face off against Arkansas and LSU-Shreveport to defend their College Bassmaster Classic Championship. Each club fields 3 2-man teams and fish on...

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