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Checking In On Conference Realignment


We're doing our best here not to get caught up in ridiculous hype of THE MOST IMPORTANT FOOTBALL GAME EVER PLAYED. Sure, the outcome of this game will determine my happiness levels for the next 12...

Texas Can Save the Big 12


Old ties die hard. The Big 12 has almost rallied today, showing that the Zombie Conference is harder to kill than one might think.  It's hard to just end a long-time partnership because college...

Baylor Deserves Something... But What?


  Once again, I step into the breech to represent the Baylor Bears.  Well, kind of, because I'm going to say some things Baylor doesn't want to hear either.  But, as many of you know, I am alumni...

The Aggies Are Coming to Dinner, Pt III: Texas Wins No Matter What


  Well, I haven't gotten any hate mail from Texas fans in about a week, so I feel like I'm slacking.  So let's dive right back into realignment, which I know has cooled off as a topic since Miami...

The Aggies Are Coming to Dinner, Pt II: What the Future Holds for Those Left Out


So, if A&M makes the plunge, what's next?  First, Read Part I here.  Second, remember that A&M isn't in the SEC yet, and a lot can happen before Monday.  Texas has proven to be incredibly...

The Aggies Are Coming to Dinner, Pt I: Why They Hate Texas


First, congrats to the Aggies.  By all appearances, it seems we will have new conference-mates on Monday, and I couldn't be happier.  I've outlined it before, but A&M is one of us.  It's taken them...

Aggies Might Have To Wait


Here we are again, passing away our time in the summer watching the Big 12 Conference do its best impression of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.  This is a conference made up of disparate schools and...

Poseur Steps In For The Absent Baylor Blog


There is no SB Nation Baylor sports blog, and the greatness that was Bearmeat has long since left the internets.  Baylor also is located in tiny Waco, which although closer to Dallas than Austin,...

Texas Wins the Realignment Game


Texas A&M blinked.  There's really no other way to say it.  A&M didn't want to be seen as the bad guys after Texas maneuvered the situation so that the survival of the Big Roman Numeral depended on...

Poseur Steps In the Wayback Machine: The SWC Dies


I know you're getting sick of realignment talk, but I'll be honest, I can't get enough of it.  This is one of the most exciting offseasons in memory, and it's almost eased the sting of the baseball...

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