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Alabama & MSU #1 in Turnover Margin


6 Fumbles Recovered, 6 Interceptions for Bama. One fumble lost. The one and only turnover this year was Eddie Lacy fumbled a reception vs. Michigan but the recovery was as the first half expired. Interestingly, Mississippi St is tied for #1 with 5 FR, 7 INT and 1 fumble lost.

Alabama By the Numbers: Points Off Turnovers


Alabama By the Numbers looks at the number of points turnovers have helped (and hurt) the Crimson Tide over the past five years.

Alabama By the Numbers: Fumbles


Roll Bama Roll takes a look at Alabama's propensity to fumble over the past five years and how the Crimson Tide's tendency to recover dropped balls has fared over the decade.

Alabama By the Numbers: Turnover Margin


Roll Bama Roll takes a look at the Crimson Tide's turnover margin and how the number of fumbles and interceptions has progressed over the past five years.

The SEC's Luckiest Turnover Teams in 2012


A look at the luckiest (and unluckiest) football teams in the SEC in terms of turnovers last season using adjusted statistics created by SB Nation's Bill Connelly.

Is the Football Biased Against Texas?


So I received an e-mail today from a certain blog operator whom you might have heard of. Does the handle "Sailor Ripley" ring a bell? Yeah, that's right. We exchange e-mails occasionally. ...

Are the Georgia Bulldogs Due for More Lost Fumbles in 2011?


Statistically speaking, the Georgia Bulldogs are due for more lost fumbles during the 2011 college football season, but Dawg Sports its hoping for a regression to the mean of a different sort...

Turnovers and Fumble Luck in the SEC


TSK looks at turnovers across the SEC with a particular focus on fumbles and the luck involved in recovering them. The conclusion for 2011? Good news for Alabama and Kentucky; not so much for...

Georgia Bulldogs v. Vanderbilt Commodores: The Haphazard Ill-Informed Roundball Preview


With sole possession of second place in the SEC East at stake, Wednesday night's men's basketball game in Stegeman Coliseum between Mark Fox's Georgia Bulldogs and the visiting Vanderbilt...

Arkansas Razorbacks 31, Georgia Bulldogs 24: The Evening After the Afternoon Before


The Georgia Bulldogs fell to 0-2 in SEC play in a second straight narrow loss to a team currently ranked in the top 15. Dawg Sports looks at the Red and Black's loss to the Arkansas Razorbacks.

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