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Monday evenin' bits

So like, we got a pretty good basketball recruit. Once again, we just steal things from Texas. Nothing against those guys, it's just, well, I guess they like being tooken from. (Except, apparently, by OU lately - seriously, I'll just live vicariously through the joy they're taking in ripping little Sooner fans. I love it.)

Matt Zemek at CFN wrote an interesting piece comparing Les Miles to Mack Brown, pre VY-led national title, of course. Interesting read. Had a debate with the roommate today about whether Les can ever win the really big game, and he pointed out that Les did happen to beat Oklahoma twice during his 4 year tenure at Oklahoma State. My view is that that game for Oklahoma State is totally different than the typical Auburn or Florida game for LSU - the pressure was entirely on the Sooners those years, so it's much easier to coach a team going in with zero expectations. Post Saban, the expectations are much higher at LSU. Post a couple years of Miles, it could well be back to Okie State territory. I don't think that's particularly likely, as I still think he eventually "gets it," but I'll concede that it's definitely up in the air at this point.

I hate Florida. No link.

I still hate Auburn too. No link either, but Whoo Pig Sooie and whatnot! That was a fantastic hyperdestruction of a once-heralded defense. Here's hoping they get shredded by Florida this weekend, and someone else beats Arkansas, and we win out and wind up in a 3-way tie with 2 losses atop the SEC West. Cause I shore would like to get another shot at Florida on a neutral site when we might turn it over only four times. See cause then the statistical stats say that we're more likely to win than if we commit five turnovers. Someone's got those stats, but I don't have them, nor the inclination to research it right now.

I'm thinking now if we only lose 3 games this year, I'll be happy. Four is my expectation at this point (@ Tennessee, @ Arkansas).

Kyle seems remarkably composed for his Dawgs having yielded half a hundo at home for the first time in a decade. How crazy is it that Tennessee scored more points in the second half vs Georgia than every other team had vs Georgia COMBINED to that point in the season? I'll tell you how crazy it is: it's very crazy. Fo sho.

For showwwwww

Through Nico, the UAB dance squad, aka the Golden Girls. WTF? Don't we have the term "Golden Girls" trademarked or something? We are losing EVERYTHING I TELL YOU.

Well, except basketball recruits.