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LSU - Kentucky: Game on!!


The Tigers welcome the Kentucky Wildcats to town Saturday night. Given that it's a mediocre team, I fully expect us to roll by 30. Vegas is more or less on the same page.

The Times Pic has a discussion of that gawd-awful punt formation we've been using with such ridiculously poor results so far this year. I still think it's garbage. Any D-lineman with leverage can easily get in the line of the punter's trajectory, magnifying any slight mistakes he makes, especially since we're not giving him the flexibility to run to either side before punting, as it's normally intended. Anyway, bottom line is, our net punting is 8 yards per kick worse than last year (39.0 vs 31.3), and our opponent yards per return is a full 10 yards per return worse (15.6 vs 5.7). I guess we can't just go back to the old way mid game because maybe we haven't practiced it, but Christ almighty, just get the damn thing right please.

I'm actually heading down to Louisiana tomorrow so I can attend the game Saturday, and see the Saints Sunday, so it'll be quiet around here till then. Feel free to post any game comments here.