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LSU-Kentucky postgame thoughts

Sorry for the delay, as I mentioned below I was in Louisiana for the LSU and Saints games this weekend and just got back.

Anyway, what's there to say? We just demolish inferior opponents - at home at least - and just can't put anything remotely like that together against good teams (or perhaps on the road in general). I sure hope we aren't becoming the Texas Tech of the SEC. But without being too negative - it was satisfying (albeit not particularly surprising) - to see us bounce back from the Florida game with a more or less flawless performance. I expect something along the same lines next Saturday against a surprisingly hapless Fresno State team. At least we'll have a whole bye week to think about the Vols.

On the plus side, as noted in this Shreveport Times article, we seem to have foud a punt returner. Buster did well, and that was exciting.

That said, I'm still damn nervous every time we set up in the punt formation. My nerves make me feel (irrationally so) that the odds of a block are far worse than the 1-in-8 or so that we'd displayed year to date after the Florida game, so I found myself hoping we'd just do it Madden style and go for every fourth down, even in our own territory.

And lest I start to feel like this season is that big of a disappointment, I suppose we could have lost to Vanderbilt. Yikes.