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As long as we don't lose our rappers

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All kinds of madness today about whether Alley Broussard had quit the team. Dandy Don got some information, which turned out to be wrong. He LATER mentioned that he had earlier gotten accurate information that Alley had quit, when in fact he hadn't quit. Wouldn't that make the earlier information inaccurate? Only with Dandy can hindsight not be 20/20, I guess. Anyway, Tiger Smack has been on it today. And I'm totally with him - I really couldn't care less at this point if Alley left. He had some good times with the program, but at this point I'd rather we let the freshmen (Scott and Williams) get a head start on the next three years, since it's not like we're contending for a national title in any event.

Oh, the perils of being a white running back. Kudos, Jacob Hester. Kudos.

The folks over at CBS Sportsline currently think we'll be in the Outback vs Penn State. I still can't get over the Pac 10's #2 team getting a date on Dec 28 in the Holiday Bowl. How can that conference not do a better job of getting bowls than that? I think Cal is playing unbelievably well right now after a shell-shocked opening to the season at Tennessee, and I think they'll beat a surprisingly mortal USC team pretty comfortably in a few weeks.

Since the world has been asked not to call it "The World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party" anymore, EDSBS gives their take on things.

Non-Tigers, but you know what would be awesome? Georgia. Texas. Opening week 2007. Dawg Sports and Burnt Orange Nation are all over it, pounding the respective ADs with requests.

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