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Saturday morning rounduppage

Wednesday night's South Park was hilarious, and as such SMQ decided to give a South Park-inspired rundown of the Florida Atlantic-Louisiana Lafayette game. Excellent taste. SMQ is a Saints fan too, further solidifying aforementioned excellent taste.

Nestor over at Bruins Nation is doing some great work, taking his bit big time: after constantly harping on the deficiencies of UCLA coach Karl Dorrell, he conducted a poll which gave Dorrell some pretty dismal ratings. That subsequently got picked up by CNNSI's Stewart Mandel and even got a mention from Ivan Maisel at ESPN (Insider article, not linked, but Nestor mentions it on his blog). As the L.A. Times has failed at what should be a simle task of holding coaching accountable down in L.A., Bruins Nation has taken it upon themselves and done a fantastic job. Tip of the hat to the guys over there. Meanwhile, UCLA is up 14-10 on Notre Dame at the half, playing without QB Ben Olson after a pretty shady late tackle from the Arizona Wildcats a few weeks ago.

A couple weeks ago, the Sports Illustrated cover below extolled the virtues of SEC football. I've been delayed on following up on this, but I just had to head over to CFR and check his response. As expected, he was pretty steamed. Of course, as soon as the cover hit, Georgia went out and lost to Vandy. This morning, they nearly blew it to Mississippi State. Who knows, maybe this is the official peak of the conference, and we enter into a long, protracted, multi-year decline. That would please a lot of folks, no doubt.

On the plus side, CFR could claim the Bears headline at the top actually refers to Cal, rather than Chicago.