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Bye weeks are bowwwwring.

The Advocate's Carl Dubois calls out LSU fans for the number of empty seats at the Fresno game. What's a bit bizarre is that he writes that he is certainly not "calling out" the fans with this article, though he concludes with the following:

You'd think Alabama and Ole Miss would get the full Tiger Stadium treatment from the self-proclaimed best fans in America next month, but perhaps only on fair-weather nights, and only then if the kickoff time is not too early, not too late, but precisely right.

Sounds like "calling out" to me. No need to deny anything, though perhaps he can't be blamed for attempting to shield himself from the wrath of what tends to be a pretty mercurial fan contingent.

Allow me to direct you to a remarkably sane message board post about the sometimes unrealistic expectations LSU fans have of their coaches.

They're debating the glorious potential of a new coach at Roll Bama Roll. Odd, that frustration with Mike Shula would reach this point so soon after what was just about the freakiest injury of all time (ed - link updated) last year derailed any semblance of offense that could have kept last year's very legit Bama team in the national title hunt.

Rocky Top Talk appreciates the haiku form. Well done.

Peter gets Burnt Orange Nation fired up about tougher scheduling. Aside from Ohio State, the Horns' nonconference schedule has been a cakewalk, and if the much-discussed Georgia-Texas 2007 opener actually does happen, boy would that fix some things in a hurry. Assuming, that is, Georgia plays a little better than it has the past couple weeks. That said, it can't be too difficult to just drop the I-AA teams from the schedule altogether. Next year, we open at home vs Appalachian State (side note - Appalachian State is HOT HOT HOT!). For the love of Christ, can we please drop that game? We're getting ribbed across the country as it is because we continually pound the likes of ULL and Tulane and lose when it matters. As I've mentioned before, we are trying to schedule some bigger hitters; but I don't see why we couldn't trade in the I-AA nonsense for something ever so slightly more legit.

Kudos to Bruins Nation and Corn Nation for getting shout-outs on the SI On Campus Monday Awards.