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BREAKING: LSU Strength Coach Arrested

Great, just great:

An LSU Police investigation that already netted one arrest has now gone inside the University. WAFB 9 News has confirmed that assistant LSU strength and conditioning coach, Travelle Gaines, has been arrested for violation of sports agent laws. This is a felony in Louisiana. The charges may also violate NCAA regulations.

Two weeks ago, Charles Taplin of Houston, Texas was arrested for talking to LSU football players about signing as a client for an agent Taplin was representing. Now that the University has been implicated, it's unclear at this point how this will affect the football teams status this year.

As if all the baseball investigation's weren't enough. Let's hope this turns out to be an isolated incident and nothing comes of it. Obviously the worst thing that can happen is if players are implicated as having dealt with any type of agent. Keep your fingers crossed.