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Gaines Arrest Shouldn't Affect Football Team

The arrest of Travelle Gaines, a former assistant strength and conditioning coach at LSU, doesn't appear that it will affect the football program. Apparently, Gaines invited two football players to his house at the same time an agent was there, unbeknownst to the players.

"It is a concern," Miles said. "But after interviewing several players, it (this incident) doesn't appear to be a serious concern."

Miles said an investigation into the matter has not turned up any indication that the players' eligibility is in jeopardy or that the matter may affect LSU's season.

"There does not appear to be any eligibility of players at issue in any way," Miles said as he met with the media after Tuesday's practice.

Miles also said he believes the contact ended with the two players. Asked how he knew that, Miles said, "You do diligence to the investigation. You find out what they say, you check records, you do your job."

The two players who had contact have not been released by anyone, but rumors are that they were juniors JaMarcus Russell and Will Arnold. Obviously both are in line for big NFL paydays at some point in the next two years, so that would make sense.

It's encouraging to see that LSU cooperated fully with the police and I assume the NCAA on this matter and hopefully nothing more will come of it. The last thing this program needs is another investigation.

If there is any silver lining to the cloud, it would be that this is an offweek for the team. By the weekend, it should be resolved fully and the team can concentrate on facing a very good Tennessee squad.