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It's Tennessee week!!!

And in honor of Tennessee week, we have to direct you to arguably the greatest EDSBS post of all time, perhaps second only to the immortal 52 Reasons ESPN Sucks post.

Stay tuned for later in the week, when we do a reciprocal Q&A with Rocky Top Talk.

Given our road performance (and big-game performance) thus far this year, consider me flabbergasted that we're favored by three vs the Vols.

I wasn't around over the weekend, but TigerSmack has a discussion of the Jimbo-Fisher-to-UNC rumors. Jimbo's quite good, but I'd miss Bo Pelini much more.

Erik Ainge should be ready to go this weekend against us. That's cool, because I definitely wouldn't want us to lose to Jim Bob Cooter.

Speaking of Jim Bob Cooter, LSU just got a commitment from Bobby Hebert's son, center T-Bob Hebert. If there happens to be a T-Bob Cooter out there, I command you: show thyself! That's the only conceivable way this could get any better.

The SEC's tiebreak situation explained. We've still got a chance! Till Saturday I guess. Else, ROLL TIDE vs Auburn and Go Rocky Top vs the Hogs.

Allow me to direct you to Dawg Sports' weekly ballot with the near-weekly slam of Les Miles. Always amusing. Yet he inexplicably picked us to beat Tennessee. I guess our yutz is the lesser of two yutzes.