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Florida week. Good times.

Wrote a preview piece for another site that I'll link to if it's up tomorrow. So with that in mind, I'll have more discussion manana, but for the time being:

We're two point favorites now. The Wynn injury throws a big wrench in things. I don't like being favored on the road against a Top 5 team, no matter who's missing.

Well, the team knows a loss this weekend likely means a BCS exit for us. Great. So, let's make sure to do something.

Lots of tidbits in this preview piece from the Advocate. I'm ready for us to just open up the passing floodgates versus Florida. We often congratulate coaches for sticking with the run in the second half of a game in which it hadn't been working, and they go on to pull out a victory. So, too, do we need to congratulate those coaches who understand when to give up on something that isn't working and commit to a game plan that actually is working, and pull out the victory because of that. Meanwhile, Will Arnold's probably not going to play. That sucks. This means Herman Johnson, the biggest baby born in Louisiana history, will start.

I just feel bad for Mississippi State. To wit, this quote from Les Miles after we shredded them:

"It's nice to beat an opponent and look forward to playing an opponent that we can really get excited about," he said.

Couple stats for your perusal: