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Happy Thursday!

I linked to this a couple weeks ago leading into the Auburn game, but one of the bloggers at FanIQ has done a solid job of aggregating all the CFB experts' picks on a weekly basis. This week, 9 out of 14 experts tracked pick LSU to beat Florida. Certainly not something I like to see. So we're expected now to beat the #5 team in the country, at their place. They still haven't lost there under Urban, so while it's not quite back to Spurrier regime status, it's getting there.

Tiger Smack interviews Orson from EDSBS, and gets interviewed back. As always, funny reads.

Florida defensive lineman Marcus Thomas has been reinstated for this week's game. Apparently these sorts of suspensions don't have to be served in consecutive games. Clearly a huge boost for the Florida defense, and clearly Urban is no Bob Stoops. Just kidding, just kidding. Everything I hear is that he's a stand up guy. More suspicious would've been a clearance a week ago, giving him enough time to practice all week with the team. Anyway, I'd rather get a shot to beat Florida at full strength, so in addition to this here's hoping DeShawn Wynn makes a decent recovery by Saturday (though I guess that's going to be a no).

In any event, in light of the Thomas reinstatement, we're back to being two point dogs. Good. As I said before, I'm no fan of being favored on the road, especially at the Swamp.

This article just makes me feel bad for Chris Leak. I think he's a fantastic quarterback, who happens to be in a system that just isn't a great fit. This is his first year with the same offensive coordinator he had from the prior year, and he's busy getting booed in the Kentucky game because the touted freshman backup carried 3 times for 60 yards. And Guilbeau hits the nail on the head when he says "[Leak's] a pure passer, but it's almost like Meyer and company are counting the days until his last game."