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Game On! LSU-Florida


Feel free to post game day comments here.

Quick morning roundup:

EDSBS points out that there's a helluva lot of "Fear LSU" type commentary out there, which is definitely odd given that we're the ones with a loss and the lower ranking and on the road. Orson also gave an interview over at We Are the Postmen, with gems like this:

TP: Give us your favorite Louisiana-ian stereotype.

EDSBS: Cajun-man stereotypes are fun but too easy, so we'll hone in on a different one entirely: the perpetual Carnivale-type aura surrounding anyone and everyone from Louisiana. If our research has told us anything, it's that Lousianans are just few snaps and pops of the synapses away from declaring a party on spot, chugging gallon beers effortlessly, exposing their breasts, and immediately stabbing you to death in order to then hire a high-stepping New Orleans funeral band to play at your funeral before resurrecting you with voodoo and beginning the whole cycle again just for the hell of it.

It's that command of the English language that carries him to the top of the blogosphere. Bravo.

Scott Rabalais' article on Les Miles is to the point: he doesn't get much credit for wins, and gets all the blame for losses. The one thing I see so many folks coming back to in this game is the fact that Les is coaching, ergo it means a loss. Erstwhile pretty smart football-watchers do it; this writer's opinion is that they're all anchoring on the Tennessee timeout (and the management of that game in general). Maybe I'm dumb, but as I said in my preview for this game, and on multiple other occasions I'm impressed with the guy this year and think he should be given credit.