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Tuesday Thread

Jim Kleinpeter thinks LSU has a chance at a BCS berth. Maybe he's been reading my Sunday breakdowns.

In Mississippi, they're worried about slowing down LSU's three-headed monster at receiver. I've got bad news for you Johnny Reb, you can't. The only chance you've got is to blitz seven so JaMarcus Russell doesn't have time to throw and drop seven so he can't find any passing lanes. Unfortunately, that might result in a 15-yard penalty, even in Canada.

I hope this is true. We all saw what happened to Auburn.

After LSU's abysmal pedestrian defensive performance on Saturday, I'm not sure how Tyson Jackson was named the SEC Defensive Lineman of the Week, but he was.

Arkansas is saying all the right things, but it's hard to believe their minds aren't wondering a little bit. Their game against Mississippi State Saturday is a classic trap, following a huge win, right before a big game against a stout LSU team. The Bulldogs are playing better (beat Alabama) and are coming off a bye week. Okay, so it's a longshot (Arkansas is favored by 14.5), but stranger things have happened. Unfortunately, LSU would need an Arkansas loss and and Auburn loss next week to get into the SEC Championship game.

The LSU women's basketball team moved to 2-0 last night with an easy win over Howard. Sylvia Fowes dropped a rediculous 18 and 14 in only 19 minutes. Quianna Chaney appears to be taking over the role of scorer on the outside, pouring in 12.

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