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Happy Thursday

Courtesy of The Advocate, a full breakdown of the bowl possibilities for LSU. So this whole time, I was like, wrong. It didn't matter if Georgia beat Auburn, we needed 'Bama to do it. Great googily moogily. Well, the Bammers certainly played us well, maybe there's hope for them to knock off Tubby & co. I must say I somewhat like that when playing poorly or just generally facing adverse circumstances, our defense gives up 14 points (unless the offense turns it over 4+ times, in which we'll yield a bit over 20 - see here and here), while say, the Texas Longhorns give up 45. Heh. If we get stuck with the gawd awful 10am New Year's kickoff to the Cotton Bowl, maybe we'll get a shot at some revenge against the Horns for '02 (Jan '03).

I'll be in Baton Rouge this weekend for Senior Day and hopefully a return to the 45-3 routs we've been accustomed to this year at home. Meanwhile, NFL Scout Mike Detillier thinks this will be JaMarcus Russell's last home game as a Tiger. I sure as hell hope not, but we'll see. With the schedule for next year being SO favorable, the stars would be aligned for JaMarcus to win LSU another title and get himself a Heisman - and with it, perhaps, a top 5 spot in the draft.

One of the benefits of being an SEC blogger is the ability to link to random EDSBS posts and not be totally off topic. So in honor of Ole Miss week, we just remind you that Ed Orgeron is waiting outside to kick your ass. How great is it that that post is the first link that google returns when you search "Ed Orgeron?" And how much must he cringe when the third link is this garbage? Or maybe he doesn't cringe at all - just ask Tulane coach Chris Scelfo, who thinks Orgeron is "lower than dirt" (and rightfully so, if the allegations made last year were true).

So this week there's been plenty of noise surrounding Jim Kleinpeter, who drove Tiger Smack to whip out the all-too-rare Dumbass of the Week Award, and was booted from voting in the AP Poll after being too lazy to look up the Oklahoma-Texas Tech final score in the local paper and entering his ballot on the incorrect assumption that the Sooners had lost. How any professional sports journalist would fail to know how to pull up scores at the drop of a hat just boggles my mind. Even my Mom would know where to go for that information, and she doesn't even know what a first down is. In any event, Kyle at DawgSports waxes eloquent on the subject in the way he often does, a firm but gentle bitchslap across the face of MSM sports journalists. Burnt Orange Nation has plenty to say as well, as does Sunday Morning QB.