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LSU-Ole Miss: Stream of Consciousness

We're back airing our thoughts of LSU's game as it happens. Check out what we're thinking as LSU faces Ole Miss.

First Quarter
God bless ESPN GamePlan, it's the best $80 I've spent in a long time ... Justin Vincent gets the first carry as tailback, strange ... I can't imagine why Keiland Williams isn't the starter ... I hate LSU's punt line up with the wide splits and a three-man wall in front of Jackson, they're begging to get a punt blocked ... The Rebels just missed it ... Great coverage on the punt, rare for LSU ... Looking at the Ole Miss offense, they have a lot of youth, too bad for them cause that means all those bad players will be back next year ... Ole Miss is clearly going to try to run it at the teeth of this defense, the one LSU weakness ... Nothing to lose, Ed Orgeron pulls the fake on 4th-and-inches in his own territory ... The camera work was awful, but I guess they got it ... It has to be difficult for the LSU Sports Information office to keep up with all of LSU's ridiculous stats ... That was a lateral, I don't know what the line judge was looking at ... 3rd-and-10, LSU should bring pressure, and they do ... Unfortunately they brought it from the side that allowed Schaeffer roll to his throwing side and throw for a first down ... Schaeffer paid for it though as LaRon Landry absolutely popped him ... NFL defensive coordinators have to dream of having a blitzing safety like Landry ... The play-by-play announcer just mispronounced St. Augustine High School, idiot ... LSU seems more willing to bring pressure tonight than they did last week even though Schaeffer is more likely to beat them with his feet ... Wow, Charles Alexander just made an open field tackle on Schaeffer to force a punt ... Buster Davis to return the punt, bet he fair catches ... He didn't get the chance, I hate rugby style kicking ... Whatever happened to lining up and kicking it normally? It's like coaches don't thing they're earning their contract unless they do something weird ... The last thing Ed Orgeron should be doing is trying to earn his contract, not gonna happen ... Backed up on the four, the offensive line needs to get some push here ... LSU's still with Vincent at tailback. Where's Keiland Williams? Jacob Hester? Alley Broussard? Trindon Holliday? ... Hester's in at fullback and that's the best run Vincent has had since the 2004 Sugar Bowl ... He made a great cut back on a toss sweep right, eerily similar to the 2003 SEC Championship Game, didn't break it though ... I have no idea, but I'm guessing no team has ever led the SEC in total offense, scoring offense, total defense and scoring defense, LSU might this year ... LSU looks much better this drive, we'll give them a mulligan ... If JaMarcus Russell stays next year with the home schedule, LSU could win the national title ... There's Trindon Holliday, who it's no secret I'd like to see touch the ball 10-15 times per game ... Russell has done a much better job scrambling lately ... Who would have taken the bet that LSU wouldn't score on its first two series ... Chris Jackson has been horrendous this year, tonight's no exception ... It really makes you appreciate even the bad ESPN announcers while listening to this broadcast ... BenJarvis Green-Ellis is probably the most underrated running back in the SEC ... It looks like LSU doesn't care about being on the field right now. The Tigers know they're going to win, they're ready to take on Arkansas ... As lethargic as LSU has been, Ole Miss probably won't score tonight ... Davis back to return a punt again, I wish LSU would go for a block ... Orgeron is an idiot, he just tried a fake on 4th-and-5 from inside his own 40 ... You've got a flat LSU team, don't give them anything that will help fire them up ... I'd love to know why Justin Vincent is getting so many carries early on, it doesn't make since ... A scoreless first quarter, who'd a thunk it?

Second Quarter
It's almost like Orgeron's idiotic decision has woken up LSU, they'll score a touchdown here ... You wonder if Les Miles is resting Williams and Broussard to keep them fresh for the Arkansas game Friday ... It's going to be 3rd-and-Goal from the 13, yet I'm still confident Russell will get a touchdown here, he's that kind of player ... Russell, Bowe, touchdown, how could you not see that coming ... LSU 7, Ole Miss 0 ... Hopefully the score will fire up the defense a little too ... I know it's hard to get up to play a team this bad, but just show a little passion ... LSU's special teams have become a joke this year and they just allowed Ole Miss to set up great field position ... It was just two years ago LSU was as good as anyone in the country on special teams ... Another great open field tackle on Schaeffer, he might not be able to shake this defense ... Does ESPN allow broadcasts to use its graphics for GamePlan or has Tiger Vision just stolen them? ... It's tough to say LSU's defense hasn't played well because they've only allowed 70 yards in the first 18 minutes, but they don't have that dominant feel about them right now ... Ole Miss shouldn't be able to breathe against LSU ... Schaeffer pulls an Eli Manning and gives LSU a break on 2nd-and-7 ... I hate to say it, but great call by Ole Miss on the screen ... LSU 7, Ole Miss 7 ... LSU brought pressure and played man coverage, the left side of the field was wide open ... I can't believe its tied five minutes into the second quarter, how embarrassing ... I hope no bowl reps are there ... Are you kidding me? LSU doesn't recover an onside kick for the second straight week ... Jacob Cutrera was there, but apparently didn't think he could touch it before it went 10 yards, unreal ... Two fake punts into the first quarter and you can't figure out that Ole Miss will do anything right now ... Of course, a personal foul on the extra point let Ole Miss kick from the 50, so now they have it inside the 40 ... This is the by far worst I have seen LSU play all season ... Another personal foul, that's three today ... Ellis is running through the LSU defense ... If I were at Tiger Stadium, I would be shell-shocked right now ... Ole Miss is also keeping its defense off the field right now, which can only help them as the game goes on ... Here's another run and LSU's front line is standing up ... BIG third down coming from the one ... They'll go for it on fourth down if they don't get it ... Green-Ellis over the top ... Ole Miss 14, LSU 7 ... I'm going to do a shot, immediately followed by another and another ... Players who do the "jumpshot" celebration should be flagged 15 yards for stupidity ... Wow. Okay, I won't push for Trindon Holliday to return anymore, even though he clearly has the most potential. YOU MUST CATCH THE BALL ... Another personal foul?!!?!!?? That's four!!!! And we're only in the second quarter ... Hester gets his first carry and promptly gains a whole yard ... Russell's new confidence in his scrambling ability is giving LSU another dimension, because he's a better athlete than he gets credit for ... LSU's offense is just off kilter right now ... Russell looks average and for some reason Vincent or Hester have taken all the snaps at tailback ... I have no idea what Russell was doing there, he just threw it downfield on 3rd-and-16 ... LSU looks awful right now, they need a major chewing at the half ... Another bad punt by Jackson (do we have anyone else) and more poor coverage ... The LSU announcers are giving Ole Miss players way too much love right now ... Huge third down here from the 26 ... No pressure and Schaeffer scrambles for the first down, unbelievable ... I don't know who is wearing purple and gold tonight, but it sure as hell isn't LSU ... My bad, Schaeffer was inches short, but Ole Miss will go for it and, my guess is, get it ... They do ... Nice play by Chevis Jackson, he's had a couple good plays so far, at least someone has ... 40 seconds left, LSU needs to hold Ole Miss to a field goal here, big 3rd-and-8 ... Big stop by LSU, but Schaeffer overthrew everybody ... Craig Steltz nearly made a miraculous interception ... Once again, LSU's field goal defense comes up big ... The Rebel kicker had made something like nine in a row ... I don't know why teams can't kick field goals against LSU, but they can't ... Miles elects to take a knee to end the half, trailing at the half for the first time since 2004 ... I want the last 1 hour 21 minutes of my life back, because LSU hasn't been worth watching, much less blogging about ... Miles and Co. have a major yell session to dole out right now.

Third Quarter
We?re back for the second half ? You?ve got to be kidding me. Marshay Green returns the opening kickoff 61 yards ? Les, hire a special teams coach, someone, anyone ? Ole Miss is running right at LSU, something teams have been able to do most of the year, the problem is BenJarvis Green-Ellis is the best running back LSU has faced ? Darren McFadden has to be loving what he?s seeing ? Ole Miss average starting field position has been in LSU territory, the freakin average! ? Thank goodness Brent Schaeffer can?t throw ? Another field goal attempt for Ole Miss to go up two possessions ? Ole Miss 17, LSU 7 ? I can?t believe I?m saying this, but thank goodness we held them to a field goal ? LSU needs to score here, they can?t give Ole Miss the ball back without points ? I don?t understand why Williams or Broussard haven?t seen the field, Miles better answer that in the post-game press conference ? I like the play design, a shovel pass to Early Doucet, but he can?t do too much with it ? Ole Miss has been good at making tackles when they?ve had the chance ? JaMarcus Russell is way off his game tonight ? He hasn?t played this bad in a long time ? As bad as it?s been, LSU is in Ole Miss territory, but of course LSU tries to overcoach with an end around for a big loss ? Why can?t you just give Holliday the ball on a regular toss sweep ? Broussard finally in the game and he struggles to get two yards ? I don?t get anything Jimbo Fisher or Les Miles have done offensively tonight ? And Russell should have been picked off right there, got very lucky ? I have no idea where he was throwing that ball, nobody was near ? Colt David from 48 yards isn?t even close ? This has to be the worst special teams performance by anybody in the country in a long time ? On the plus side, Ole Miss has to start on its own side of the field for once ? This possession is huge for LSU, they can?t afford to let Ole Miss score here ? Ole Miss has changed quarterbacks to Seth Adams ? I can understand because Schaeffer had been awful, but bringing in a walk-on against this defense might not be the best decision. Of course, I never confused Ed Orgeron with a smart man ? Why LSU doesn?t try to confuse rookie quarterbacks I?ll never understand ? This defense is playing awful, Ole Miss is running all over them right now ? LSU gets a holding to save them from a big Green-Ellis run ? LSU is getting no pressure, isn?t covering anyone, it?s awful ? LaRon Landry makes a nice play as the only person in place on an end around ? Ole Miss is controlling the clock, which is only working against LSU at this point ? Here?s another huge third down ? And Ole Miss runs right up the middle for a big first down ? The defense has been average at best thus far, they look tired ? Of course, Ole Miss has more running plays tonight that LSU has total plays ? So, part of it?s on the offense for not moving the ball and resting the defense ? This would be a huge third down stop from the 25, they?re all huge third downs at this point ? Finally, LSU blitzes and Daniel Francis makes the sack ? It?s amazing what happens when you confuse an inexperienced quarterback ? Another field goal attempt, dead center ? Ole Miss 20, LSU 7 ? It certainly doesn?t help, but at least it wasn?t a touchdown ? LSU?s offense needs to wakt up right here and get a touchdown ? This is JaMarcus Russell territory, he has to lead them ? The new ESPN commercial where a Texas A&M grad is playing charades and won?t say ?Hook ?Em Horns? is brilliant ? Why can?t LSU ever kick touchbacks ? Holy cow. I don?t even know what to say. Russell avoided two sacks inside the 10, heaved it 50 yards into double coverage and Early Doucet makes a catch. Wow ? That?s the type of play that they show when talking about Heisman candidates ? Russell has to be one heading into next season.

Fourth Quarter
It?s put up or shut up time ? LSU only has 190 total yards so far, sad ? Patrick Willis is having a whale of a game, LSU can?t do anything against him ? Russell had Davis open by 15 yards and overthrew him ? Going for it on fourth down ? Good protection and complete to Davis, again Russell comes up with a play when LSU needs it ? Davis fumbled on the play and somehow Hester pulled it out of the scrum in the middle of four Ole Miss players ? The play is under review, LSU needs it badly ? If Ole Miss takes over, they?d be one score from putting this game away ? The pass is ruled incomplete and Ole Miss gets it near midfield ? That?s disastrous for LSU, the defense has to give the Tigers a chance to win the game right now ? Big first down run stop ? Two more ? Green-Ellis goes nowhere again, Dorsey makes a play for the first time tonight ? One more stop ? Bring the house! ? There?s a timeout. LSU can?t let Ole Miss sit back and find a receiver, they have to put pressure on the Rebels to make a play ? Play of the game to this point ? Inside screen that Tyson Jackson stands up like a wall ? Now get off the field, don?t get a flag ? LSU needs to come after this punt ? They don?t and Buster gets a decent return to the 41 ? It seems that putting Russell in the shotgun and the hurry up offense may have woken him up ? This drive looks like the LSU team we?ve watched all season, where have they been the first 50 minutes? ? Russell was lucky he wasn?t picked off ? Dwayne Bowe apparently wants in on the action, carrying a defender for five yards ? It?s amazing what a little momentum does ? Hester gets a huge push up the middle and just runs behind his line for 12 yards ? Don?t get fancy, just throw it to Bowe for a touchdown ? Ugh! Run wide for nothing ? Bowe, Doucet, who cares ? Ole Miss 20, LSU 14 ? What a catch by Doucet, he got way up to snag that out of the air in between two defenders ? That was a huge drive, now the Tigers need another stop ? I think they may have the juices flowing a little bit, the crowd is definitely back in it ? The special teams finally makes a play, keeping Ole Miss inside the 20 ? And LSU gets a Rebel penalty, so the Fighting Orgeron?s are inside the 10 ? Seth Adams still in at quarterback ? Green-Ellis stopped for no game ? This game is over, LSU is pissed off now ? There?s no way a walk-on quarterback does enough for the Rebels to win this game ? Tyson Jackson nearly had a safety and Ole Miss has to punt ? Earlier in this game, he might have bought on the play action, but he stayed home and disrupted the naked bootleg ? The LSU defense is JACKED right now, it?s about time ? Ole Miss is backed up to the student section and struggling ? That?s two straight false starts, they?re back to the 2 ? The Rebs will have to punt, they should go for the block ? Nope and Davis calls for a fair catch, surprise ? If you?re never going to return a punt, why ever put the return on? ? LSU still has it at the 50, you just know they?re going to score here ? Russell out of the gun is unstoppable ? Wow, that?s twice he?s missed an open Davis well downfield in the last two drives ? Another bad throw and it?s a major third down with 5:26 left ? You have to think this is four-down territory, the way LSU kicks field goals ? You?ve got to be kidding me, LSU can?t block and Russell fumbles at midfield ? Ole Miss should have recovered, but tried to pick up and run ? Patrick Willis again on the big play, he?s the best player on the field ? LSU has to punt and you know Jackson can?t drop it in the 20 ? Nope, touchback ? A very tense 4:54 left ? LSU?s defense has been on the field for 32 minutes and it shows ? They?re going to have to dig deep for a stop right here ? LSU?s defense hasn?t forced a turnover tonight, it could use one now ? Play of the game on 3rd-and-6 and Chase Pittman comes up with a massive sack ? Call timeout ? NOW! ? I don?t know why LSU is allowing Ole Miss to run an extra 30 seconds off the clock ? Oh no ? LSU ran into the kicker, please don?t be the 15-yard foul that goes with an automatic first down ? Whew, five-yard foul ? Replay fourth down ? I always say go for the block, but don?t rush anyone right now ? I?ll take it at the 42 with 2:35 left ? Hold onto your hats ? Russell gets tons of time, but tucks and runs for 20, how big is that ? Complete to Bowe, keep moving ? How on earth do you take a sack right there? The only saving grace is LSU?s bad decision not to use a timeout before the punt means they have one now ? Russell has to know better than that right there ? You can?t give the O-Line enough credit right there ? Ole Miss blitzed six and they gave Russell all day to throw ? Dwayne Bowe might be the best downfield blocker among wide receivers in the nation ? Russell goes for it all and overthrows Bowe ? Russell scrambles again and Ole Miss can?t bring him down until he?s gotten inside the five ? Any other quarterback is sacked right there, but Russell is so strong he is able to throw it out of the end zone ? 27 seconds, 3 plays left ? Who here doesn?t think Russell throws the winning touchdown ? Off the fingertips of Bowe ? He had Doucet underneath ? 21 seconds, 2 plays left ? Not sure what they were doing, but Hester dropped a pass in the flat on the two ? He might have had the pylon ? Last chance ? Russell, Bowe, TOUCHDOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ? LSU 20, Ole Miss 20 ? 14 seconds left, extra point left ? He hit him on a quick slant, easy ? Colt Davis has hit 77 straight PATs ? And its blocked ? Special teams killing LSU again ? I?m actually scared about the kickoff ? LSU needs to have someone run off side and then squib the ball or kick it out of bounds ? Anything to waste time ? Uh oh, whew a tackle ? Six seconds left ? And the clock runs out ? Going to overtime ? Who would have guessed this 3 hours 9 minutes ago.

LSU wins the toss and plays defense ? Ole Miss of course chooses the South endzone, away from the student section ? I?d almost rather LSU go on offense right now and get Ole Miss defense back on the field, they have to be tired ? Although, even if Ole Miss scores, that?s when Russell is at his best ? Ole Miss goes back to Schaeffer, Orgeron is different, I?ll give him that ? I don?t think Ole Miss wants to throw it at all right now ? Run on first down, quarterback bootleg on second ? FUMBLE! And LSU gets it ? Great time to bring the blitz. Schaeffer had no chance ? Here?s what I worry about, going conservative and then missing a field goal ? Stay the way you?ve been playing ? Two big runs by Hester for the first down ? I?m still confused by why Keiland Williams hasn?t played ? Hester again inside the 10, 2nd-and-5 ? From here, you just keep pounding, if you can?t make a field goal from inside 30 you don?t deserve it ? Of course, you could say that about an extra point ? Hester tried to cut back, just go forward ? I?d love to see a play action right now, Ole Miss is thinking run all the way ? Great, it?s on the special teams now ? Colt David from 26 ? Timeout to ice him ? I don?t understand this ploy, why is it supposed to be effective? I would think it would give him time to calm down ? GOOD! ? LSU 23, Ole Miss 20 ? I can?t believe I?m relieved to beat Ole Miss, but I?ll take it ? This was the worst LSU has played by far this year, they need to get it fixed because in six days they ?re facing an Arkansas team that is for real.