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So ahmm...

Back from Louisiana and that was that a sickening trip. Death Valley was loud as all hell, which was nice, but we damn near lost to OLE MISS for Chrissakes. Simply put, just nothing good can come from that. I really don't care about the comeback. I really don't care that it was the most exciting home game of the year, and I sure as hell don't get the Alley Broussard runs on 3rd and one and the occasional Justin Vincent too on senior night and the complete lack of Keiland Williams. TigerSmack's already anointed this as the re-Dinardofication of LSU Tiger football and while that may be a stretch (after all, nearly every single game last year was akin to this one), it's a helluva lot more likely now than it was four days ago. Puke. Also, on an NFL sidenote since I swung by the 'Dome on the way back out from Louisiana: I love the way Drew Brees has played this year but two INT's in the endzone on Sunday? Kill me please. I mean, my fantasy team name to begin the year was "PleaseAintsWinFour" and they'd beaten that by the 6th game; still though, I hate dashed expectations. Let's not go there. I'm already dealing with the ramifications of a potential historic LSU fold next year against a ridiculously favorable schedule (I mean come on - our road games next year are Kentucky, Mississippi State, Tulane, 'Bama, and Ole Miss. Really?).

I guess the bottom line of all this crying is, we are not gonna beat Arkansas with anything less than an all around A+ game, and seeing as those only come out when we're playing the ULL's of the world as opposed to the #5 team in the country, I just get the feeling ole Darren McFadden is gonna wax all medieval on our ass. I hereby challenge thee, Tigers: to prove me wrong and get to the Rose Bowl! Or something.

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Faster and furiouser than BenJarvis Green-Ellis

Meanwhile, the women's basketball team lost to #15 Baylor tonight. Our world is crumbling. The sky is falling, bitches!

All this talk of Steve Spurrier potentially moving back to Florida to coach the 'Canes and it looks like the Ole Ball Coach has manifested himself in the form of one Gators basketball coach Billy Donovan. 94-33?? I hate Florida. I hate everyone in the SEC actually. Well, except Moo State. I just feel bad for them. And Vandy.

Sure sign it's time for Mike Shula to go: Bama fans take down the football schedule and put up the basketball schedule instead. You got that? There is NO evidence of the 2006 season. It never happened, I tell you!!! On a serious note though, the Tide look to be one damn fine hoops squad this year. I'll be looking forward to our battles.