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Roundup, the day after

What a game, indeed. The Hogs' rushing attack is unbelievably good, and all hail that Wildcat formation with McFadden taking the snap. Have to tip my hat to Les after coming back from the two big losses on the road earlier this year to beat two Top 10 teams on the road and a potential Rose Bowl berth (and though myriad events need to fall our way, cheer up, Skip: - at worst we're looking at a date in the Cap One Bowl vs Wisconsin!). For once, the offense came to play and if not for two more fumbles we'd have put up closer to 40 against the #5 team in the country. I'm still confused why Keiland Williams isn't getting the ball more often, and it made me cringe to see Vincent in there a few occasions down the stretch. But I don't want to be nitpicky here - on a day when the defense was overwhelmed by an '07 Heisman candidate, the offense picked up the slack and delivered. Great win.

In the midst of all this, the men's basketball team tips off at 3pm CT against #24 Wichita State, a Sweet 16 team last year which is coming off a huge win on the road against last year's cinderella George Mason.

I've got work to do, and yet I can't help having the end of this West Virginia-South Florida game on the big screen right now, currently 24-19 South Florida with 5:16 left. A West Virginia loss gives our BCS bowl chances a huge boost. So, you know, fingers crossed and whatnot.