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And now we wait...

Polls are out and we're ranked 5 in both, up from 9th (AP) and 8th (USA) last week. So right about now we Tiger fans become HUGE Gator fans for the week. With a max of two teams per conference getting into the BCS bowls, if Arkansas wins and gets the bid to the Sugar Bowl, it's pretty likely Florida gets the other BCS bid above us as a 2-loss team with the head-to-head victory. Currently, the folks at CFN have us in the Rose Bowl vs Michigan.

From the Times-Pic, a discussion of JaMarcus Russell's very real option to leave for the NFL. I sure as hell hope he stays. Could be a magical year for LSU.

Not a great day for the basketball Tigers, falling to Wichita State. Terrible second half performance. At least it's early and we have time to work out the kinks, with Texas, UConn, and Washington on the schedule before we get into conference play. And I'm more interested in what bowl we're going to at the moment, though my co-writer Purple Reign maybe not so much. Though he clearly has plenty to say about the BCS!!! (See below.)