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More Thursday roundupping

Studies have shown that two out of three graduates of Evangel Christian Academy are not flag-planting d@#chebags.

Phil Fulmer is fat. We all know this. But ya think he could come up with a better football analogy than food? Guess again: Stay hungry, kids!

While I was beginning to get uncomfortable that too many folks think LSU is going to beat Tennessee this weekend (i.e. Vegas, for starters), FanIQ has done the tabulations and notes that the majority of fans and experts are, in fact, with the Vols. While the fans have actually put together a better overall record than the experts in aggregate this year, I suppose the silver lining in it all is that this is their lowest conviction straight-up pick. The complete breakdown of expert picks is here.

Per Dandy Don, relaying the weekly Les Miles radio show:

Jeanne, who was a big fan of Nick Saban when he was at LSU, called and said she would be leaving for Knoxville Thursday and wanted to remind Miles that several Tennessee players stuck a Tennessee flag in the Eye of the Tiger after Tennessee win over LSU last season on a Monday night. She wanted to know if LSU had any plan to do the same after the game. Miles said LSU would enjoy doing something similar after the game Saturday.

Noting Don's disclaimer that "The above information is not exactly what Coach Miles said, but very close," I sure as hell hope that's not our plan, though I guess there's something to be said for "an eye for an eye" and whatnot.