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The day after, more whoooooo

Rocky Top Talk has put up the animated drive charts for yesterday's game and notes that LSU beat the Vols up and down, to wit: winning the time of possession battle 41 to 19, outgaining the Vols 478-248, and putting up 28 first downs to UT's 11. Be sure to check out their post game awards as well. Looks like some Vols fans agree that the punt did indeed touch Demetrice Morley's hand.

The polls are out, and we're 12th in both, up a spot from 13 last week.

CFN has its post game instant analysis up, and it's a good read.

It'll be another Saturday night game at Tiger Stadium next week, as the Alabama game has been slotted for a 6:45 CT kickoff to be carried on ESPN. (CBS took the South Carolina @ Florida game for the 2:30 CT slot.) In any event, Bama is having all sorts of problems after the loss to Mississippi State yesterday. So, naturally, we're going to have to hope not to get caught in a letdown game this week - recall, Bama played Tennessee extremely tough just two weeks ago, so they won't come in and be any old pushover.

Lastly, don't forget to root like hell this week for Tennessee at Arkansas and Georgia at Auburn. If by the grace of God we get those two to happen, we will almost certainly control our own destiny for the SEC West title (we win out, the West ends in a 3-way tie, and we'll probably win that 3-way by virtue of being the highest ranked team...but it's a bit more complicated than that - really the cleanest situation for us is if UT beats Arkansas and the Tide goes in and beats Auburn next week).