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Tuesday Thread

The mens basketball team is ranked fifth in the preseason AP poll behind Florida, North Carolina, Kansas and Pittsburgh. Count me the in the disbeliever group in terms of LSU being that good. Realistically, LSU is a top 15-20 team, not top five. North Carolina and Ohio State will be the nation's two best teams this season led by extraordinary big men Tyler Hansbrough and Greg Oden. Oh yeah, Roy Williams and Thad Matta can coach as well.

Apparently Les Miles hasn't been watching the games the last two weeks. At least not the running plays. He says the Tigers will still use a running-back-by-committee. Granted, LSU ranks second in the SEC in rushing behind Arkansas, but its mostly smoke and mirrors. Jacob Hester is okay in stretches, but would be best served as a fullback/third-down back. Justin Vincent and Alley Broussard have underperformed. Of the freshmen, Charles Scott showed flashes, but has fallen off. Keiland Williams was good against Tennessee, but 17 carries for 53 yards is still pretty suspect. It's no secret that I love Trindon Holliday and think he should be getting at least 15 touches per game.

In The Advocates notes, Les Miles isn't fined by the SEC for justifiably ripping the replay official for blowing the call on whether Demetrice Morley's hand touched the ball on the punt. Also, LSU-Ole Miss won't be televised unless TigerVision picks it up.

From the most important non-LSU game this week, Casey Dick will start at quarterback for Arkansas. Philip Fulmer is too busy suspending felons to name a starting quarterback.

One of the more incredible, if unknown and completely irrelevant streaks, in college football is coming to an end on Saturday.

Now, what do I do after LSU thrashes Alabama on Saturday night?

Mack Brown jumps on the bandwagon that hates the BCS computers. He doesn't like it because he doesn't know how to schedule to impress the computers. Well, first knock Rice, North Texas and Sam Houston State off the schedule.

Let me try to explain it to Mack. The first flaw with the computers is they don't take margin of victory into account. They only worry about who you play and where -- a MAJOR flaw if you ask me. Beating a team 17-16 isn't the same as beating that same team 49-3. Second, the Big 12 sucks, big time. In the computers, you're behind 1) undefeated Ohio State, Michigan and Louisville 2) a Florida team that beat Tennessee and LSU. 3) an Auburn team that beat Florida and LSU. 4) USC, Notre Dame and Cal, all who have played tougher schedules than you with only one loss. You're not going to the national title game and you already had your shot at No. 1. NOW, do like the rest of us, enjoy your bowl game and start getting excited about next year.

They're not happy in Alabama these days and expect things to get worse as the Crimson Tide come to Death Valley this weekend.