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Once again, apologies for the hiatus, I was in Dallas (without computer) for the weekend to witness the Saints' memorable thrashing of the Cowboys. Given TigerSmack's curious absence for several days worth of "several hours," you may have thought I offed him in a fit of envy, then offed myself in guilt, but alas I'm still around to spew nonsense into the general Webs.

And last night, lost for me in the midst of the Saints game was the Tigers' unfortunate OT loss at the hands of the unranked Horns. Discussion from the Texas types here. I don't even want to read the Brady bashing but you could probably dig it up here. The voters dropped us to 12th (AP) and 15th (Coaches). The way I see it, this isn't CFB, and an early December loss or two just builds character. I'll start to really worry if we're actually in danger of falling out of the Top 64 (ok - probably well before that). But just make it back to the Dance, guys. With Washington (I'll be in Seattle for that one) and UConn coming up in the next month, it's not unreasonable to think we could enter conference play in mid-January with as many as 5 losses.

The football recruiting class this year has soared up the ranks to take the #2 overall spot, according to Rivals. Of course, you can bet your butt USC will soar up those ranks by the end of it all; they've only received 10 official commits thus far versus 19 for us and 23 for #1 Texas.

Oh and raise your hand if you've turned down the Bama job today. Of course, EDSBS has been all over it too. For more serious treatment of the matter, Roll Bama Roll is covering the whole ordeal with courage. Heh. I hate it when sports types use the word "courageous" to describe a performance with an injury or as an underdog. Courage is Iraq. Grit may be a better word. Not sure what the adjective form of that would be, gritageous? Yep, that works.

LSU WR coach Todd Monken has been contacted by the ever-venerable Louisiana Tech University in their coaching search, for Jack Bicknell's replacement. Credit the guy for fixing our squad's dropsies this year; who knows what it'll take to turn that Tech team around.