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Slow out today

Didn't actually attend the Saints game this week. Thank God for that. Just been swamped with work. Apparently not TigerSmack style swamped with work, but swamped nonetheless. Anyway, the Tigers are battling jetlag and power outages on the West Coast Swing right now and managed to hold off the proverbial furious rally by the Beavers to claim a 60-53 victory last night.

Same Beavers. Different sport.

While this week is sans Saints game for me, I actually will be travelling up to Seattle m'self tomorrow to be present for Wednesday night's matchup against the Washington Huskies. I'm sure Zach at U Dub Dish will have plenty of commentary for your perusal. Looking forward to Ollie's weather forecast. (Though I'm not sure if Ollie takes basketball season off.)

The football Tigers are back to practice after a 23 day break. Quoth Chase Pittman: "I think we're working in the right direction." Wonder if that direction means Keiland Williams getting the start for the game.

With Florida State seriously considering hiring Jimbo Fisher to replace Jeff Bowden as offensive coordinator, I'm sure Tiger Nation has but one question in mind: What would Jenn Sterger do?