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Leave it to a Booty

Leave it to a Booty to keep killing LSU fans. In In 1999-2000, it was Josh throwing interceptions and just being flat out bad as the Tiger quarterback. Now it's little brother John David putting up a Booty-esque awful performance with a chance to get USC to the national championship game and, by association, send LSU to the Rose Bowl.

Now, my dreams of seeing LSU in the Granddaddy of them all could possibly go up in smoke as the difference between Florida and Michigan in the final BCS rankings is going to be slimmer than Nicole Richie. Personally, I see the Gators getting the nod, setting up a national championship game with Ohio State. The Rose will be delighted to get their coveted Big 10-Pac 10 game in Michigan-USC.

If that happens, it's not all bad for LSU, which will likely end up in the Sugar Bowl where JaMarcus Russell will light up Notre Dame's pourous secondary and then be off to the NFL.

However, LSU fans certainly won't be chastised be me for being let down. I'd rather be in Pasadena also. Now we have to wait and dream of match up with USC in its back yard.