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Uh huh, yes, I like what you've done hmm

I have to say I quite like these two history pieces from the Advocate discussing the LSU - Notre Dame games from 1970 and 1971. I actually didn't even know the anecdote about the 1969 Tigers (9-1 record) getting trophies with a giant screw on it to commemorate getting screwed out of that year's Cotton Bowl. Good stuff for us young'ns who weren't around to live through all that.

I missed this awhile back, but the ND blog The Blue-Gray Sky posted his analysis of the LSU season here, with emphasis on the Ole Miss game, and more recently put together an in-depth look at Bo Pelini (HT: Her Loyal Sons).

From a couple days ago: Gerry DiNardo goes off on Notre Dame for having become a "football school." Also, gratuitous Charlie Weis shot:

Dead sexy.

The basketball Tigers are getting ready to play three games in three days, versus Wright State, Mississippi Valley State, and Samford.