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Lu lu lu, I've got some apples

Allow me to present to you one of the cooler little items you can buy for your loved one this holiday season:

The LSU mini-helmet mp3 player. Screw the iPod shuffle: 1 GB storage, radio tuner, costs a hundo, and while I'm not sure it goes along for the workout (though it is pretty tiny), I doubt it'd be too much trouble to plug it in while you're playing NCAA 07 on your PS3.

Ok, for all your Notre Dame bloggage, visit:

Peter at BON rails on his beloved Horns' pansy non-conference schedule choice for their home opener next year. Feel the wrath. Know the wrath. (I feel the pain, we've got Appalachian State as our opener next year; how the hell is a I-AA team any sort of warm up for Virginia Tech?)