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Intro and welcome to And the Valley Shook...

Date: October 8, 1988
Venue: Tiger Stadium (Death Valley) in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

With LSU clinging to a national ranking after a 2-2 start to the season, the home Tigers trailed #4 Auburn 6-0 heading into the final minutes of the game. With 1:47 left, LSU faced a 4th down deep in Auburn territory. LSU QB Tommy Hodson managed to find tailback Eddie Fuller in the back of the endzone for a touchdown...and the Valley SHOOK:

The crowd reaction was so loud, it actually registered on a campus seismograph:

The play would go down as one of the biggest touchdowns in LSU history - second only to Billy Cannon's 1959 Halloween punt return - and the game has henceforth been referred to simply as "The Earthquake Game."

As the play undoubtedly helped Death Valley earn the legendary status it still carries two decades later, the powers that be (or rather, yours truly) figured an homage to it would be a fine starting point for a site to discuss all things LSU.

This site is being started to serve as a central spot for LSU fans to engage in intelligent, civil discussion of the events surrounding LSU athletics (not just football). While I'll certainly concede that I'll never be the first to break LSU news on any subject, and probably know a heck of a lot less about football and other sports as many of you fans out there, I sincerely hope the gathering of level-minded folk can serve as a learning experience to all involved in the process. Comments, suggestions, etc. are always welcome, and feel free to use the "Diary" function (top right of the page) to open up a dialogue on any relevant topic I've failed to discuss.

Welcome to the site, I hope you enjoy it, and get busy counting down the 3 weeks to kickoff of the 2006 LSU Tigers football season!