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Preseason blog-brethren commentary on LSU

The blogosphere hath spoken. The first blogpoll was released yesterday, and LSU comes in at #6, with 2 first place votes. Can't complain about that. Generally speaking, there's not a whole lot of respect for Les Miles out there. Can't really argue with that either. 11 wins last year was tremendous, especially after Katrina, but given top-three talent and our favorable schedule (Tennessee, Auburn, Florida all at home), our inability to pull games out absent some charity (i.e. Arizona State and Auburn's special teams)was truly maddening - those 11 wins could easily have been 8. Anyway, a taste of what's being said:

From Burnt Orange Nation (ranked LSU #9):

Dinged Les Miles points. Sorry.

Incidentally, I'm just now getting over my shock at discovering that Longhorns QB Jevan Snead is white. Never had seen a picture till recently. My "Bill Simmons" moment of the day, I suppose.

From Rakes of Mallow (ranked LSU #10):

Would be higher, but it's the Les Miles and inexperienced lines factor that brings them down.

Of course, not to miss Rakes' LSU preview:

Lot of close wins last year despite all of the turnovers, but how confident are you in Les Miles?  I mean, really: Les Miles?

Backhanded compliment of the month from Georgia Sports Blog (ranked LSU #2(!))

No. I don't believe in Les Miles. Yes, I hate this pick here, but LSU has weapons all over the field. And, despite my disdain for Miles he overcame incredible adversity to win as many as he did last year.
Um, thanks?

From DawgSports (ranked LSU #6):

The Bayou Bengals have top three talent, but the presence of Les Miles on the sideline keeps L.S.U. from cracking the top five.

Suffice it to say, for those outside of Baton Rouge, clearly Les won't have to do much to impress.