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Weekend Roundup

The Advocate tells us Russell looks good and our RB depth chart currently stands at 1) Justin Vincent, 2) Jacob Hester, 3) Alley Broussard. Given that Broussard's knee is still not 100%, log my vote for sitting him until the Auburn game (week 3) at the very least.

DT Glenn Dorsey continues to shine. With both our lines in "rebuilding mode" this year, there appears to be at least some reason to believe the D half will hold up relatively well.

Tiger fans continue to wait on the edge of their seats for several freshmen to get cleared academically for the season, among them RB Keiland Williams. 6'5", 325lb DT Al Woods received clearance last week.

Looks like Les still hasn't fixed the hat issue (though I'm not sure why I ever thought he would):

On that note, be sure to check out Tiger Smack's endlessly amusing Miles Hat Mondays.