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Slow Monday

Welcome two new blogs to the network (I'm late on the latter, sorry!), Rocky Top Talk and Carolina March.

Couple NFL Notes: First, the Saints traded Donte' Stallworth to the Eagles today, suggesting that perhaps former LSU WR Devery Henderson will see some passes this year (the direct beneficiary though is apparently Marques Colston, a 7th round pick out of I-AA Hofstra). One less Vol on the team, potentially more playing time for a Tiger; I can't complain all that much! Devery's had his issues learning the playbook and whatnot, so here's hoping he makes the most of an opportunity to step it up. Elsewhere, former Tiger QB Rohan Davey got cut by the Cardinals. Too bad; after his enormously successful stint in NFL Europe a couple years ago, even I started to believe he had a future in the NFL. Ahh, memories of the Davey-Josh Reed connection will live long for Tiger fans.

And, um...that's pretty much all I've got for ya today, folks...under five days now to kickoff. Can't get here fast enough.