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Not creative enough to come up with a title here.

The Auburn blogger Football Saturdays in the South thinks we're Bayou Trash. That's good stuff. OMGLOLWTF LSU fans smell like corn dogs! LOLOLOLOLOL. I really don't know what to say. I'm at a loss for words. I guess the Cat's got my T-O-U-N-G-E. War damn spellchecker indeed, TS.

I generally have a lot of respect for College Football Resource's writing abilities and at the very least a thoughtful - though highly flammable - discussion of the game which involves a respectable command of the English language. Recently though, I was informed that he's a USC alum and, well, it makes a lot of sense. Comments like the following from his gameday thread this past weekend just speak volumes to me:

Tennessee 31, Air Force 30

Same old Tennessee.

There's something about an SEC team playing a well-regarded Pac-10 team or WAC that just boils their blood and has them play WELL over their heads.

If a team comes in lightly such as Oregon State/LSU, ASU/LSU or Air Force/Tennessee, they look very very average.

This well after our fellow SBN blogger Paragon SC noted that LSU was already up 17-0. So let's get this straight: LSU struggles to win against Oregon State and Arizona State (a week after Katrina, by the way), which gets noted, but our 2003 59-13 steamroll of Arizona and what was clearly already looking to be a repeat performance this past Saturday are to be ignored? And this says nothing of the massive USC lovefest all season long last year while that defense routinely spotted opponents early (or even the occasional late) leads en route to getting shredded by VY & co in the national championship game. Yeesh.